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How emotions affect memory
The brain is an organ that constantly develops processes and collects information from different time intervals, forming various memories; it can be good and bad.
Researchers say that how we perceive information is of great importance in remembering it, even if it was insignificant. We may not even be aware of what our brain is trying to remember, but with each passing day, we unconsciously form new memories, gradually forgetting the earlier ones.
In turn, sometimes, we do not even think about the fact that sooner or later we will be able to recall some events that, it would seem, have long been forgotten. This is how our brain works.
There are many factors that play a role in considering how emotions are related to our memories. The age of a person greatly affects the use of memory, because teenagers tend to remember negative moments, rather than positive ones. While older people unconsciously try to “erase” negative memories and continue to accumulate and store positive ones. From this, it follows that the elderly have subconscious mechanisms of self-control, through which they store negative information in a much smaller volume than the youth.

Depending on how emotionally tuned you are in a certain period of time when this or that moment occurs, your brain adapts itself to remember. And the more positive you are, the more trifles you will remember. After all, even remembering the positive moments of life, you can restore much more details and unimportant nuances than with the memories of something negative.

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In turn, events that occurred in a negative mood are also remembered in great detail due to the intensity of the situation itself and emotional outbursts. However, later the details are likely to become fuzzy, but if the impact of the situation on you was very strong (the death of a loved one, a dangerous life situation), then you will remember the details of these events because they will lie deep in a depressed memory store.

It’s also worth mentioning that women react much more emotionally to situations than men, so they can store information in memory for longer. This is certainly a positive moment when it comes to its recovery.
Try to remember the past moments of life more often and remember – these are all your emotions that tried to” nourish” your brain. The best way to improve memory is by constantly using the brain; load it with information, whether by reading books or solving logic problems, crosswords or any other thing that makes you remember past thing or make you use your knowledge.
Emotions experienced in childhood, have a significant impact on the formation of the character of a person, so try to make beautiful and useful memories for your kids.


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