How and relationships between the sexes. Introduction 1.

How does Jane Austen views on women’s issues such as their roles, marriage and relationships between the sexes can be seen in Pride and Prejudice ?

Pride and Prejudice takes place in a society and a period where women’s roles and abilities are modest even trivial At this time women are expected to behave in a way that is respectable to the men if they deviate from these social norms they are often reprimanted. I would like to examine the various charcaters and the way they challenge the social roles that they have been assigned, their transgressions and the consequences of these. This shows Jane Austen’s feelings about the perfect woman, marriage and relationships between the sexes.

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1. Overview of women’s position and behaviour during the Victorian times
2. Jane Austen
1. Pride and Prejudice
3. Reprensentation of the various female charcaters
1. Mrs Bennet
2. The Bennet sisters
1. Elizabeth Bennet
2. Lydia Bennet
3. Mary Bennet
4. Jane Bennet
5. Catherine Bennet
6. Kitty Bennet
3. Georgia Darcy
4. Charlotte Lucas
4. The relationships between the sexes
1. Charlotte and Mr. Collins
2. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy
3. Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Bennet


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