How his mind to create all possible associations.

       How geniusescomes with creative ideasWe all have dream of creating lots of ideas in all spheresof our life- relationship, business, creating new thing or writing book.

Eachone of us has creative brain, we can also come with the great ideas, and theonly thing is we don’t analyze it or we don’t see. What creative geniuses thinkdifferently than us? How they come with the great ideas but not us? How Einsteinand Thomas Edison invented so many things? There are certain things that geniusesdo that help them to think in appropriate direction to come with the new ideas-1-  expect ideasAtfirst, one must get rid of the limiting beliefs that he is not a creativeperson, and prejudices about the fact that creating ideas is the privilege ofthe elect. Ideas will start to emerge on their own.

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2-  welcome stupid and generally any ideasYoucannot always focus on creating great ideas. Try to come up with and putforth a lot of ideas, not being afraid that they can be called”stupid” or “stupid”. After all, they can become arevolutionary idea of ??tomorrow.3-  be open to new experiencesManwith the help of his senses absorbs various information.

 This informationis used by his mind to create all possible associations. You need to diversifyyour life as much as possible, do not be afraid to do ordinary things in acompletely different way, thereby getting fuel for your mind.4-  fix ideas immediatelyIfyou have any ideas, they should be fixed immediately. For this, it is alwaysnecessary to have a recording tool with you. This can be a regularnotepad, a dictaphone, or a PDA. The method of fixation does not matter.

 Havingdeveloped such a habit, as a reward from your mind, you will receive more andmore new ideas.5-   be grateful for the ideasIfan idea is born in your head, be always grateful for it. By this youstimulate your mind, encouraging it to create new interesting ideas.The sixth tip : ideas come in streamThereare situations when you do not have any ideas for a long time.

 Happens andvice versa, they come one after another, just have time to fix them. Inany case, it is necessary to be able to correctly use the situation and makefull use of the flood of ideas that have been flooding.6-       


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