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How Digital forensic photography forensic photography is used in domestic violence cases and convictionsMalcolm WashingtonGovernors State UniversityProfessor (Nuke) NkulenuAbstractPhotography is what people use to take pictures and preserve past visual memories. Past memories can be preserved with cameras. Cameras can take video or still pictures of anything that it important to you. Using instant photography for digital forensic photography is important to preserve evidence of visual facts.

Domestic violence is abusive behavior by one partner to have control over another personal partner. Many forms of abuse exist in the definition of domestic violence. Domestic violence is documented by some law enforcement using instant digital forensic photography.I bring all the pieces together for use. Instant photo forensic is an activity that records the initial appearance of the crime scene and physical evidence, to provide a permanent record for the courts. Crime scene photography differs from other variations of photography because crime scene photographers usually have a very specific purpose for capturing each image. The body can be a major source of physical evidence that is used to associate or link suspects to violence.

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It is the basis of why the violated body of domestic violence should be investigated. Any damage found on the human body can be physical evidence. In a scientific police investigation, the first activities of the police are to photograph essential damage to the body for the successful preservation of the physical evidence using instant photography. The first responder and ultimately the police have the obligation to make the domestic violence victim feel secure and ensure that any further activities between the victim and offender do not change the evidence. Proper photo documentation when using instant photography in domestic violence cases is crucial in establishing the chain of evidence needed to prosecute cases. It helps prosecutor’s secure early guilty pleas from offenders, reducing court costs and caseloads.

Instant photo documentation in forensic photography helps increase domestic violence conviction rates. When using instant photo documentation cases can be successfully prosecuted without the victim’s testimony because bruises fade with time, but instant photos depicting injuries do not. Instant photos are also tamper resistant. Police and law enforcement officers can see immediately that the right image was captured, minimizing the number of photos taken per case. One-on-one or close-up photos of victim’s injuries, and close-up or mid-range imagery that includes the victim’s face for identification purposes, can show indications of past abuse such as scars, or faded bruising which could be evidence of abuse over an extended period. Instant photo documentation in forensic photography can provide evidence before officer leaves the scene and photos can become part of the case file immediately, particularly important for fast arraignments. Police also use instant photography for forensic uses to document the scene of the violence by taking pictures of broken furniture, or any damage to personal property of the victim.

They can show the severity of the violence and they can show any violence against children, showing them crying, scared, upset or injured.These photos can be uploaded to a website such as https://www.docx.

us/ which allows police and law enforcement to create high-res Polaroid photos and then they can be stored digitally for further and closer examination. More than 100,000 police officers in the world report using Polaroid cameras to document domestic violence injuries. This paper is not about instant photography but how it can be use in domestic violence cases in regards to forensic photography to prosecute cases and get convictions.ReferencesU.S Justice Department, Docs.usPosterization, Inc,


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