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How can Artificial Intelligence re-enchant the store experience?May 4, 2018Olivier DIDEST Digital TransformationRetailers are beginning to explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could make stores more efficient, attractive and offer a more personalized dimension to customers.

AI and Big Data, which have for some years collected an innumerable amount of data (behavioral, transactional, statistical). These data are more and more exploitable, which makes it possible to extend the field of actions of the various services (Marketing, Communication, Merchandising, HR) of the company. According to some analysts, for 2019 investments in Artificial Intelligence should triple.

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Indeed, Artificial Intelligence will accelerate business decisions in the areas of marketing, e-commerce, product management, and other areas. It will help to link the strategic perspectives of companies and the actions to be taken. Customers want merchants to offer convenient, tailored and personalized services to everyone. A recent IBM study found that 48% of customers think it’s important for retailers to offer personalized promotions when they’re online, while 45% want the same discounts. shop. In summary, customers are frustrated at not finding the same level of benefits present on the web in store.

In order to highlight the Artificial Intelligence in the retail, we will sweep the news thanks to speaking Business Cases.Business Case 1: The Pepper © Advisor RobotRobot Pepper ©, Soft Bank RoboticsAfter launching a few drivers with Pepper ©, Soft Bank Robotics has been helping customers in California stores since 2016. These robots help retailers overcome the challenge of innovation by building humanoid robots to enrich their business. customer experience and transform the customer relationship with a robot advisor, rather than a human.

Several advantages emerge from these robotic solutions:• “Surprise Effect”: Pepper © revolutionizes the customer relationship, acting as host and will accompany customers in their shopping journey according to their requests or desires. In the case of requests that are too complex, it will be possible to call on human resources.• Presentation of new products and services: Pepper © will be able to entertain, inform and optimize the performance of the sales force with the help of interactive animations and demonstrations.• Transformation of the customer experience: thanks to a close operating mode between the robot and the merchant’s CRM, Pepper © allows to personalize the experiences by collecting a history of customer preferences, of purchases customers in order to maximize the conversion rate .

The future of Pepper © will undoubtedly have access to customer data in real time through links with CRM. This will have the beneficial effect of not only being a consultant, but rather a full seller.ExampleSNCF has chosen Pepper © to offer a unique experience to Pays de la Loire travelers.

Pepper © is in charge of:Detect people in stations and interact with travelersIndicate the traffic information;Record customer satisfaction;Set up various animations for travelers.Business Case 2: the holographic advisor© ShutterstockIn the same spirit as the previous case, multiple brands are trying to differentiate themselves in the market by projecting themselves into the future thanks to the holographic advisor.Several buzz have already occurred recently, such as the meeting of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in technology shows or an appearance on stage during a concert (Coachella Festival). A majority of professionals are skeptical about the value of this solution, apart from its attractive effect.This hologram of a counselor would indeed have the same benefits and objectives as his counterpart Pepper ©.Several start-ups and some traders, are therefore embarking on the optimization of this innovative technology by adding new bricks such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or even Big Data to constantly improve the experience customer.

ExampleThe principle has been deployed in the United States in a high-end store within the beauty area.This hologram of a counselor made the buzz and attracted the attention of customers, who were eager to go to the beauty department to challenge the hologram.The virtual aspect attracts the attention of customers by arousing their curiosity and their senses, thus creating value and added strength for retailers with these technological solutions.Business Case 3: Using biometrics in dice salestailAcceo tender retail © Other technologies combined with artificial intelligence can also be beneficial for the retail sector such as biometrics for example.

Biometrics can be part of an omni-channel approach and serve retail for: Identification at the entrance stores, reliable authentication of the customer and avoid fraud; Allow a quick and secure purchase Once the customer enters a store, it can be identified voluntarily by his smartphone or a facial recognition system (at least man / woman ). This allows retailers to offer personalized offers and content or bypassing queues. The AIA allows retailers to better know their customers. It is by exploiting the customer data of the web, their behaviors, their styles, their characters, that the brands could potentially change the customer experience.

By combining biometrics algorithms, machine learning and deep learning with customer data. retailers may be able to personalize their offerings, detect future potential, and predict trends in the retail market. ExampleAutomated systems can recognize the number or frequency of customer visits to stores or the websites, the products they purchased, the marketing materials (e-mail, poster campaigns) they viewed and much more. Customized promotions, product suggestions and faster service could be offered to customers. While the staff would receive him, notifications that would help him to better advise the customers so as to offer opportunities that did not exist before in the physical stores.


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