Hospitality is a global occurrence. Indeed, 1.2

 Hospitality is aglobal occurrence.

Indeed, 1.2 billion international tourists traveled anddiscovered others countries in 2016. Tourism has grown above average around 4%per year, for seven straight years (UNWTO, Annual Report, 2016).The Human Resources department deals with people andmanage the human resource the organisation has at its disposal. The managementfunction oversees the recruitment, the training, the planning, the promotionand the development of the staff. It can also be defined as all the practices,systems and procedures implemented to attract and manage human resources toachieve the purposes of the company. In an establishment, human resource is akey ingredient to success.

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Indeed, Human Resources Management have to monitorthe well-being of the employees, to make them confortable and to develop theircareer (Nickson, 2007). In this research, the Landmark London hotel will be atthe center of the discussion.The Landmark London is a five-star hotel on MaryleboneRoad on the northern side of central London. The design should reflect thewealth and power of the Victorian era. The owner wanted it to surpass allprevious establishments in terms of opulence and luxury.During the World War I and World War II, the hotel was requisitioned by theGovernment for convalescing officers and soldiers on leave.

The Landmark Londonis now owned by The Landmark Group, a Thai company which opened a hotel calledThe Landmark in 1987 and owns several other hotels in London. The hotel now has300 rooms and suites (

uk).The hotel invest in their people to make sure their team members have a memorablejourney with them. They have achieved Gold Award in Investor in Peopleaccreditation which shows their success as an employer of choice. They empowertheir front line team to make decisions and have their own input on theoperations with the guidance of Management and Executive teams.


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