Homework “the Cheetos Puffs uncanny ability to melt

1. Michael Moss talked to Steven Witherly, a food scientist, and although I disagree with much that Witherly says about Cheetos, like “Cheetos is one of the most marvelously constructed foods on the planet, in terms of pleasure,” I fully endorse his final conclusion that “the Cheetos Puffs uncanny ability to melt in your mouth, is called ‘vanishing caloric density,’ and ‘if something melts down quickly, your brain thinks there’s no calories in it, so you can just keep eating it forever (Witherly 672).'”
2. Although Gerald Graff’s essay Hidden Intellectualism may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial in terms of today’s concern over education. In his essay he states, “Sports is only one of the domains who’s potential for literacy training (and not only for males) is seriously underestimated by educators, who see sports as competing with academic development rather than a route to it (Graff 374).” Students are being pulled from one direction (education) to another (sports), when they both can be equally important in the eyes of students, why can’t they be equally important to the educators, as well? Being educated can most likely keep pupils out of trouble, but so can sports.
3. Having just argued that “Ending police brutality has long been a focus of civil rights movements in the United States,” says Gale from the Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, 24 Oct. 2018, let us now turn our attention to why it has not been taken care of. Does it not matter, because we are the public, and they’re authority?

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