Homer’s barbs. In Ancient Greece, barbs where singers

Homer’s “The Odyssey”, is a timeless epic poem written between 900 B.C.E- 700 B.C.E. It tells the story of a great hero, Odysseus, who left to fight the Trojan War for 10 years and didn’t return home until 20 years later due to varied trials and tribulations. In the same years before the development of the first complete alphabet, the Greeks practiced oral storytelling in the form of what they call barbs. In Ancient Greece, barbs where singers who would entertain the people through songs. The songs they sung were usually based on an historical event in the country. It is said that Homer himself was indeed a barb. However, overtime as the alphabet was invented various people recorded his songs on paper and created what we now know as The Odyssey. Throughout

Author, Roland Warren once said, “A boy has a hole in his soul in the shape of his father… if his father is unable or unwilling to fill this hole, it can leave a wound that is not easily healed.” In the present day, a typical father and son relationship consists of

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