HND IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM MANAGEMENTUnit 22 research Project Why EasyJet is the number one low-cost airline in UK? By A Marie-Blanche N N’Guessan E 10655March 2018City College LondonTable of contentsExecutive SummaryEasyJet is an airline company operating in a low-cost airline market, which has gained in popularity over the past few years. It has come to EasyJet’s mission statement is:” to provide its customers with safe, good value, point-to-point air services. To effect and to offer a consistent and reliable product and fares appealing to leisure and business markets on a range of European route”.

EasyJet believes in a very high market potential as the industry for low-cost carriers has been rapidly growing since it take part of this low-cost carrier business. And today EasyJet has been crowned the number one low-cost airline in UK.This report will provide quantitative research method to explore the reasons for EasyJet to becoming the number One in airline UK market, as well explain the factors which influences the customer satisfaction base of his success and evaluate the competition it has been facing. Sample of about participants experiences will be used for the report. Data will be collected using questionnaires containing 16 questions.

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The questions will be based on the research questions. The data will be analysed with the graphs or chart.Introduction and background to the report is discussed in chapter one. Chapter two focuses on the literature review, chapter three the methodology, chapter four discusses the findings, chapter 5 conclusion and recommendations, chapter 6 will be the review of methodology and chapter 7 is about my personal reflection. Chapter IIntroduction and backgroundIntroduction The demand of air travelling has been increasing quickly leads to the appearance of many low-cost carriers which focus on popular class. This had made huge changes in the original service and pricing strategy.

These low-cost carriers brought revolutionary changes in the travel industry and one of them is EasyJet.EasyJet is a British low-cost carrier who is operating its business for 21 years in the European market. The company is globally established and has developed an effective brand image for economic class flights (Koh and Wich, 2012). It is presently managing its scheduled services for 700 routes in more than 32 countries of the world.

It is the largest airline company of UK in terms of passengers carrying ration. It has employed more than 11,000 people and has been successful in developing its growth and development prospects. Service range of the company is adjusted and developed to attain low-cost advantage for the travellers within the market (Straub and et. Al,2013)EasyJet is no only the largest airline company of UK, but it is also one of the most successful low-cost short-haul ones in England as well as European. Only in the last year EasyJet has carried about 70 million of passengers, the company has ascended above the competition to claim number one spot as the UK number one low-cost airline, based on customer service and overall flying experience.This report is essential because it will provide a view on EasyJet business strategy.

This will offer better understanding matching low-cost and excellent customer service through airline business and the competition EasyJet face it.Significance of the reportMy aim to carry out this report is a result of personal experience as being a travel consultant for 10 years with Afriqiyah Airways and my own experience to fly with EasyJet. I have observed that there are various challenges facing the airline business particularly in airfare ticket.One of my major dream is to be part of EasyJet team as a manager for a period of years after applying to be airport duty manager at any developing countries in west Africa after getting more experiences.

So, choosing this hypothesis can help me as future manager to understand clearly how the prices of low-cost airlines in fact could be opposed with normal ones, so I can adjust my oriented goal to achieve good performance.1.2 Aim of the reportThe aim of this research is to find the reasons which made EasyJet to be the number One in low-cost airline in UK market based on customer service and overall flying experience and, find out the competition is face it.1.3 objectives Analyse the reasons why EasyJet is number one low-cost airline in UK Find out the factors which influence the customer satisfactionAnd evaluate the competition faced by EasyJetChapter IIDetailed literature review2.1 Brief history of EasyJet AirlineAccording to Aviation Knowledge newsletter CITATION his15 l 2057 (history of low-cost airlines, 2015) the concept of a low-cost airline was started in the seventies by the American domestic carrier Southwest with the sole objective of offering cheap airfares to the consumers. This created a situation where already established flag ship carriers or legacy airlines to lose a significant amount of the market share to these newly formed low co airlines, purely because of their ability to charge a lower price over traditional full cost airlines.

Aviation Knowledge newsletter (history of low-cost airlines, 2015) relate also that, In Europe the low-cost concept was originated in the UK and Ireland based on the Southwest model with the introduction of EasyJet and Ryanair in 1995. Their success was attributed to the favourable economic framework that encouraged the low- cost airline industry. For example, the deregulation allowed airlines of member states to operation domestically within the European Union. Another Example is low charges at underused airports which increased the passenger number going into those airports and which increased the passenger number going into those airports and finally, their direct sales approach using the internet and call centres (Francis et al, 2005, p87)According to Dortmund Airport newsletter CITATION eas041 l 2057 (easyjet histoy, 2004) EasyJet was founded in March 1995 by businessman Stelios Haji-loannou who was then 28 years old.

The first flight from London-Luton to Glasgow took off on 10 November 1995. The aircraft used by the airline during the first year were leased from British Airways. EasyJet bought the first of its own planes in April 1996. The first EasyJet flight from Dortmund Airport departed on 15 July 2004 for Palma de Mallorca Based to Seatmaestro newsletter CITATION sea17 l 2057 (newsletter, 2017), in late October 2008, the Dortmund base was closed.

In December 2009, EasyJet discontinued flights at East Midlands, choosing to concentrate on higher priority markets. In the same year EasyJet became a really pan European airline. It was operating over 400 routes in 27 countries, with more than 150 aircrafts. For the first time, over 50% of its passengers originated from different countries that the UK.Based at Luton Airport, EasyJet operates a modern fleet of over 200 aircraft- mostly airbus A319 from 24 bases scattered across Europe. Its largest hub is London’s Gatwick Airport.

EasyJet now is Europe’s second largest airline, carrying more than 70 million passengers over the twelve-month period up to January 2016. So far this year, passenger numbers are up some 6% over 2015 with a load factor of an impressive 91.6% the company is unique having posted a loss in its 21-year-long history.

Since 2010, profits have more than quadrupled to well over £ 540m at the close of last year CITATION cfi161 l 2057 (, Easyjet: best customer satisfaction, 2016)Stelios Haji-Loannou EasyJet Founder2.2 The reason why easyJet is the number one low-cost airline in UK According to Cambridge dictionary be a number One mean be the best, the most important, most noticeable, or most famous person or organisation in specific area of activity.By Roshina Jowaheer CITATION Ros16 l 2057 (Jowaheer, AOL , 2016) EasyJet has been crowned the best budget airline in Europe, beating rivals Ryanair and Norwegian.The British low-cost carrier topped the table of Europe’s most preferred cheap airlines in a poll of 16,000 travellers, with more than six in ten UK passengers (63%) backing EasyJet, based on customer service and overall flying experience.According to (executive, 2016) EasyJet use his cost advantage and number one and number two network positions in strong markets to deliver low fares and operational efficiency on point-to-point routes, with people making the difference by offering friendly service for his customers.Base of CITATION exe16 l 2057 (executive, 2016) EasyJet has recently won Business Traveller Magazine’s “Best low-cost carrier” for 14th successive year. EasyJet continues to see opportunities to sell its business product across Europe and we continue to strengthen our corporate sales capability through a new market, customer and industry structureAccording to CITATION ham l 2057 (hameed, n.

d.) in the Aviation Knowledge Newsletter The success of low-cost airlines can be attributed to what is called a low-cost model of operation which is the strategy adopted by these airlines. According to Flouris & Oswald (Flouris, Oswald 2006), “The goal of a low-cost leader is to contain the costs to the lowest relative to industry rivals and to create a sustainable cost advantage over the competition. The key to this strategy is that cost is not equal to price”.Campaign newsletter CITATION eas16 l 2057 (easyjet history, 2016) relate that since 2010, EasyJet has recorded success after success: climbing passenger numbers, strengthening brand perception scores and record profits. EasyJet wanted to use its 20th birthday to communicate its brand heritage and appreciation to all its customers. As opportunities go.

Celebrating the success of how far their customers have brought them is always good.EasyJet success relate on his business strategy. Aviation Knowledge Newsletter CITATION eas14 l 2057 (easyjet success, 2014) continue by relate that the original low-cost model is designed based on this concept and as outlined in Alamdari & Fagan (2005,p.378), the original South West low- cost model consisted of the following:Fares: Unrestricted and low price. CITATION Roy17 l 2057 (Manuell, 2017) revel that: The sheer success of EasyJet is their price per flight offer for the passenger and budget flights are generally 10-20% more expensive in the US than over in Europe. The European budget flights are typically 30-50% cheaper than a normal airline’s cost and even (occasionally) cost less than ten EurosNetwork: point to point high frequency routes. EasyJet press comment that EasyJet is Europe’s leading airline offering a unique and winning combination of the best route network connecting Europe’s primary airports, with great value fares and friendly service.

Distribution, Julien Houdebine, EVP Network, Alliances and revenues said: Worldwide by EasyJet is the first global airline. EasyJet has leadership positions at more of Europe’s major airports, flying on more of Europe 100 largest routes than any other airline, making it the most attractive European short haul airline not currently providing connectivity. Flying a single airplane type: high utilisation, same type of aircraft across the fleet. CITATION roy17 l 2057 (manuell, 2017) Both Ryanair and EasyJet uniquely use one genre of plane 737 and a320 family respectively.

All employees: pilots, mechanics, flight staff etc therefore solely require training for that one vehicle. Both training costs and even more valuable, the currency of the low-cost-time, is drastically saved.Customer and operational excellence, Peter Duffy CITATION pet14 l 2057 (duffy, 2014) said “our proposition has always been to make travel easy and affordable, and the way we deliver that is constantly being worked on. Back in 2011 we didn’t have a CRM approach, and it was my job to create one, hire the right staff and make sure the team had all the support and coaching and coaching it needed to develop a strategy that would transform the way we communicate with customers at different points in the journey.Relying on direct sales according to CITATION STU16 l 2057 (LAUCHLAN, 2016) Carolyn McCall ex EasyJet CEO said the quality and functionality of our app is recognised by our customers 96% satisfaction from those people that use the app. They tell us they like online self-service as we extend the digital capability through their journey.

This drives revenue and saves cost. 95% of customers booking and checking online, a very high figure indeed. They can download passport details onto their profile.

Up to 60% of passengers use mobile boarding passes.According to Roshina Jowaheer CITATION Jow16 l 2057 (Jowaheer, Easyjet named Europe’s best low-cost airline, 2016) said that online travel agent polled travellers across ten countries (UK, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway) and gound that in addition to being voted the UK’s number one low-cost airline, EasyJet was also the favoured no-frills airline across the continent, taking more tha a fifth (22%) Norwegian (12%), Vueling (8%) and EuroWings (4%) in its trail.2.3 The factors are responsible for EasyJet customer satisfaction Customer happiness, his delight can be termed as customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction in service industries depends on many factors and it also plays a very important role in the success of the enterprises (Strickland, 2014). Customer satisfaction is the most important objective of marketing activities will create. Satisfied customers increase the profitability of the business and the success of the organisations (Leedy ; Ormrod, 2009). According to (Khan and Khan, 2014), Airline industry is highly competitive and the most important part of the whole process of business in these industries is customer.

Customer is regard as the king who can provides heights of success to the business or can take it down (Chi ; Gursoy, 2009).Based to EasyJet annual report 2016 (EasyJet 2016), has been crowned the best low-cost carrier in Europe base on is customer service and his overall flight experience. Customer satisfaction is important to the business because it provide the markets and business owner the opportunity to grow their business in the long run. The degree of satisfaction provided by the goods or services of a company as measured by the number of repeat customers.According to Pierre-nicola schwab CITATION pie14 l 2057 (schwab, 2014) The quality of service influences the satisfaction of customers. The ServQual model developed in the 1980s by Parasuraman is always a reference for those who want to understand how to better satisfy their customers and retain them in the long term. While some sectors have cut back on services (Ryanair immediately comes to mind), other have focused on quality of service to differentiate themselves. This is the case for example EasyJet in the same category “low-cost”.

Members of the judging panel have first-hand experience of EasyJet and must congratulate the airline on both its operational efficiency and competitive pricing. The judges wholeheartedly endorse EasyJet’s win the 2016 Best Customer Satisfaction Budget Travel UK Award CITATION cfi162 l 2057 (, Easyjet: best customer satisfaction, 2016)According to Roshina Jowaheer CITATION Jow16 l 2057 (Jowaheer, Easyjet named Europe’s best low-cost airline, 2016) one traveller commented: “My favourite airline is EasyJet and I don’t think they need to improve. I have been traveling with them for 18 years and never had a problem and hardly a delay”. Another added: “best low-cost airline is Easyjet. Once know the rules all goes smoothly”.

Roshina Jowaheer CITATION Jow16 l 2057 (Jowaheer, Easyjet named Europe’s best low-cost airline, 2016) add that but not all travellers are satisfied with low-cost airlines as only 17% of UK respondents say that the prices are fair, with four in ten (42%) claiming airlines are becoming more and more costly.According to Miles Brignall CITATION Mil16 l 2057 (Brignall, 2016) low-cost airline getting a reputation for last minute cancellations as well as for taking its time in refunding airfares. He should be flying last December to Lyon in France, six hours before the flight was due to leave the airline sent him an email saying the flight had been cancelled. He has been forced to purchase an alternative more expensive flight.

Since then, he has been locked in a battle with the airline to get it to cover the cost of the replacement flight.Miles Brignall and Anna Tims CITATION mil151 l 2057 (miles brignall and Anna tims, 2015) add EasyJet- The airline that’s difficult to deal with: overbooking, flights cancelled, claims for compensation ignored. Overbooking, which results in passengers who have already checked in getting dumped off a flight at the airport. Flights cancelled just hours before take-off, leaving passengers stranded abroad. Promised compensation and other expense claims first ignored, and then fought at every stage. In the hope they give up and go away.

Miles Brignall and Anna Tims (miles brignall and Anna tims, 2015) written that specialist lawyers describe how the company repeatedly puts in place legal obstacles to claims it says are perfectly legitimate. Since two major test cases went against the airlines earlier this year most carriers have been paying up without dispute, but not easyJet.Customer satisfaction is crucial to be measured for maintaining the competition in the industry where are lot of other airline service providers fighting for market share.

Gaining customer satisfaction is not easy and the companies have to adopt various techniques and methods (Singh ; srivatava,2013).There are many factors which have its influence on the customer satisfaction levels and some of these factors are: quality of services, perceived value, brand reputation and image, customer loyalty, prices of the services, employee attitudes, performance of the company, performance of the competitors in the industry ( Bryman ; Bell, 2014).2.4 Competition faced by EasyJetEasyJet is the fifth largest intra-European airline in terms of passengers. It is the most important low-cost company after Ryanair which is its main competitor.EasyJet’s competitors can be either direct, indirect or substitutesThe direct competitorsAccording to Melanie Jamroziak, N (2003) EasyJet direct competitor are the other low-cost companies that propose the same product with the same range of prices.

The main ones are Ryanair and Flybe. Between these companies, the competition is extremely intense, and each competitor attempts to gain dominance over others. Bedsides, one can wonder how EasyJet differentiates itself to be better than others and especially from Ryanair.

According to Roshina Jowaheer CITATION Jow16 l 2057 (Jowaheer, Easyjet named Europe’s best low-cost airline, 2016) EasyJet has been crowned the best budget airline in Europe, beating rivals Ryanair and Norwegian. The Bristish low-cost carrier topped the table of Europe’s most preferred cheap airlines in a poll of 16,00 travellers with more than six in ten UK passengers (63%) backing EasyJet, based on customer service and overall flying experience. Ryanair was left behind with four in ten (44%) of the UK travellers’ votes, while British discount airline Monarch came in third place in the UK table, with a fifth (21%) of the votes.Jamroziak. N (2003) is highlighting that for instance, EasyJet focuses on two segments of people, business travellers and people traveling for leisure whereas Ryanair only focuses on the leisure segment. Then, EasyJet does use some of the main airports, such as Paris CDG airport or Madrid airport, whereas Ryanair uses especially minor airports.By Jo clipchase CITATION JoC12 l 2057 (Chipchase, 2012) said Ryanair offers the worst service of any budget airline anywhere in the world. This according to the survey conducted by flight search engine which Budget and consumer interest site Budget Airline Watch.

According to Pierre-nicola schwab CITATION pie14 l 2057 (schwab, 2014) said that EasyJet has indeed refused the race at the price launched by Ryanair to focus its efforts on service. Today the company is about to become the most profitable in Europe, ahead of Ryanair.The indirect competitorsJamroziak, N (2003) said EasyJet indirect competitors are the traditional airlines, such as Air- France or British Airways. They are indirect competitors because they target different market segments; people interested in buying a cheap flight will be less interested in buying flight in traditional companies. Contrary at other traditional carrier, easyJet has limited departure airports.

It flies to many European big cities, but it still doesn’t reach some important airports such as London Heathrow airport.Erica Gornall CITATION eri13 l 2057 (gornall, 2013) add that also, check comparison sites because British Airways, often considered a more expensive “full service” airline, was sometimes cheaper than those known as “low-cost” airlines. On the route to Barcelona, for example, BA was cheaper than EasyJet for most of the period. It would only have been cheaper to fly EasyJet six weeks before the flight and for a few days right before take-off.According to Alan Dron CITATION ala17 l 2057 (Dron, 2017) a free sandwich and booze may not be enough to make regular flyers switch airlines, but it was one of the few remaining points of differentiation between Ba and LCCs such as EasyJet and Ryanair. Sure, alcohol and a wider range of onboard food are now available to buy, but will the grumbling and possible damage to the BA brand be worth the relatively small amount of money it will save from scrapping complimentary nibbles?Melanie Jamroziak, N (2003) continue to say that EasyJet got only one booking system way; for people who do not use the internet (a large part of the elderly, for example), this system is problematic. EasyJet should really have more ways of bookings, because his booking is based on an e-booking model, it does not offer agency booking; passengers can only book via telephone (with extra fees) or the internet.

Also, there is no business class in EasyJet airplanes, so it excludes some business travellers concerned by their comfort. In addition, it got service limitation; there is a no frill service customer must pay extra charge for check-in luggage, food and drink, insurance, etc.Substitutes are indirect competitors as well, but at a smaller level. Trains include Eurostar are a main substitute. They are known to be cheaper than planes for short journeys. Moreover, they are usually located within the city which is not the case for airports that are often out of the city centre, and therefore it means that people will need more time to go to the airport.

About vehicles, such as cars or buses, it is usually cheaper, but the travel time is much longer for long journeys and less convenient.According the London Toolkit (2016) travellers who want to go Paris cheaply and are in no hurry then using the coach services may be the preferred solution. Some coach services use the ferry across the English Channel, some use the tunnel, the fastest schedules are around 7,5 hours compared to 1h with EasyJet. There are both daytime and overnight schedules year- round.From the literature review, I discovered that there is lack of research in relation to some reasons easyJet is the number one low-cost airline in UK post Brexit. Chapter IIIMethodologyIn part of my research, I will be presenting the research methods and the reasons why I choose this method.

The research methodology will generate the outcome of any research and it will be important to select the appropriate research methods, which will make the research project very successful.People who were interviewed for this research will be introduced as well as the general structure of the interviews. The data collection will be divided in two, which will be the primary and secondary data; both sets of data will be explained in more detail later.Primary method (quantitative)The primary data is all the research I will have conducted in the form of interviews and questionnaires. Primary data should be collect through distributing questionnaire to people.

The questionnaire will be design with at least 16 questions and distributed to 40 people.The primary sources of the data such as questionnaires will help in collecting the data for conducting research on customer satisfaction and the popularity of EasyJet. The collected literature will formulate ideas with relevance to the research on EasyJet represent the best way to get to the continent in term of customer service and affordable reliable airline.Secondary methodMy first research methodology was through internet. I used Google to do most of my research going through different websites to gather information regarding EasyJet. I attended library in school and in my area, looking for books and magazines that give information about EasyJet, I have purchase 2 books in Amazone.

com. I went to EasyJet office in Gatwick South Terminal to find some document which can help me. By doing so, I have been able to gather information, analyse them and see which ones could answer to my project topic.Process of data collectionI commenced the data collection by following the time plan. This will ensure that I focused well and complete the study at the stipulated time.Difficulties/ challenges/ obstaclesBy approach people in Gatwick airport north terminal to give them my questionnaire; It was sometimes difficult, as some passengers would reply to me in a rude way; some of them were keen to complete the questionnaire within 5 minutes but I have explain and read to them quickly; questionnaires that was not fully completed by responders are destroyed and new copies have to be printed.

This has been time consuming for me and also costly.Advantage and disadvantage of my researchAdvantage: of the primary research is that I have been able to do my own research by approaching other people to ask questions and collect results. The information collected is genuine and correct. Of the secondary research I easily found some answer to my questions and using Google has save me time and low cost during my researchDisadvantage: of my primary research is time consuming and it is also expensive because I had to make 40 copies to be handled to people to complete. Of my secondary research is that some information’s were incorrect and out of date.

Content of the questionnaireThis questionnaire was based on the aim of my research. It contained 16 closed-ended questions such as categorical or and ordinal category. The questionnaire had endorsement scale response such as agree, neutral or disagree, or categorical response yes, no or sometime.

It included the ordinal response which options are be easy to understand and complete and easy to distinguish from the question and response directions.Delivery and collection method of questionnairesI delivered the questionnaire on face-to-face with the participants and the collection was by hand.Study settingThe area of the research was at Gatwick Airport South and North Terminal, my Church at Pound- Hill Crawley and my classmate in city college.Chapter IVResult of the ResearchThe date analysis and interpretation are the use of graph/chart as the study is quantitative study.In this research, the use of graph/chart help me to interpret the data and display the result correctly.

The fact and figures consistently presented to ensure that the research questions answered. It helped me to address the argument presented in the research in a concise form. This is to ensure clear and easy understanding of the result. They indicated the ordinal and nominal variable using a frequency distribution. It further helped me to summarise a huge data in a simple way with visual evaluation of the facts.However, the disadvantages of graph/chart could need further verbal or written explanations of the result presentation.

Graph/chart can be manipulated easily to give contradictory information about the research. Data such as the raison why EasyJet is number one low-cost airline in UK may not adequately have described using graph/chart.Presentation of the dataQuestion 1 The results showed that 35 (87%) of the participants I have approached have flow with EasyJet and 5 (13%) haven’t take EasyJet before. The feedback showed the popularity of EasyJet Airline.Question 2 With the regard of this graft 30 (75%) of participants are agree that EasyJet is the UK number one low-cost Airline to travel with through Europe and 10 (25%) include of people who are never flow with EasyJet before are not agree.

That mean the airline has been able to place himself among the best low-cost airline in Europe. Question 3 On this question 34 (85%) of responders want to used EasyJet in the future they are already used the airline before; 3 (7,50%) participant don’t want to use EasyJet in the future probably they are used before and they are not satisfied or it is not their type of transport. 3 (7,50%) participants are not sure to use EasyJet in the future. The result shows the satisfaction of customer with their recent experience, and they will like to renew it again. Question 4 This chart shows that 28 (70%) responders on 35 have been flow with EasyJet more than once that show the loyalty of EasyJet customers, only 7 on 35 travellers flow once with EasyJet. The feedback here shows that the position of the airline dependent of customer loyalty. Question 5This chart indicates that EasyJet customers main purpose of travel is leisure (88%), 2 (6%) of the participants travel for business and leisure purpose.

EasyJet is not known for offering a luxury experience, whatever flying for business or leisure is lightly the same fare. Business class is not existing in EasyJet aircraft.Question 6Most of EasyJet customers book their ticket online 97% of the participants. This show that the system of the reservation booking of EasyJet is very powerful and can be accessed from secure servers anywhere in the worldQuestion 797% of responders find EasyJet booking system easy. The feedback coming on this show that the system is understandable, flexible and reliable to ensure customer satisfaction.Question 8 The feedback suggests that 25(72%) participants enjoy using EasyJet airline services. 5 (14%) are neutral and 5 (14%) are not enjoy using the airline.

The customer service is one pillar of the success of any company, so that mean EasyJet is focused his strategy to increase customer satisfaction.Question 9 The results show that 89% of participants believe that are fulfilling their mission which is: to provide its customers with safe, good value, point-to point air services. To effect and to offer a consistent and reliable product and fares appealing to leisure and business markets on a range of European routes.11% of participant believed that the company miss his mission. EasyJet succeed by aims most of his mission.

Question 10Frequency percentageCustomer service and safety 25 71Low unit costs 35 100Overall quality service 16 46Strong branding 15 43Multi-base network 26 74total 35 100This feedback shows that low unit cost it is the main attraction at EasyJet airline (100% of participants), following by his multi-base network 74%. Customer service and safety is the 3rd choice of the participants 71%. Overall quality service 46% is the 4th choice and the strong branding is the last choice 43%. Question 11It is quite evident from the analysis of the question result that maximum of participants disagree (60%) to the fact to prefer another low-cost airline service such as Ryanair compare with EasyJet airline service. It is simply means that more passengers appreciate easyJet airline service. Question12This chart 55% of participants choose EasyJet airline as their favourite airline against 37% for Raynair and 8% for Thomas cooks. This shows that EasyJet stay the Best and Favourite low-cost airline in UK passengers. Question13 It is evident from this chart/ graph result that most EasyJet passengers (85%) are attracted by the low-fare ticket of the company.

Question 14 Mostly participants 45% choose low-cost airline as their favourite mean of transport when traveling to Europe compare to others. This result shows that this means of transport are quite popular among the population and very suitable on term of time consuming. Therefore 20% of participants have choose Eurostar which is the second preferred mean of transport despite his limited network (Paris, Brussel) and 2 hours 20 mm journey compare to traditional airline 17% of participants this mean Eurostar; train are also convenient and suitable on term of fare ticket, baggage allow and customer services.

Question 15The feedback on this issue noted that 42% of participants are agree that in term of best customer service when travelling to Europe are traditional airline. That mean the quality of service meet the demand and the satisfaction of the mass. And 45% of participants decide between low-cost airline and Eurostar. Question 16Mostly participants 85% would recommend EasyJet to other people. And therefore, it is quite evident that customer is very much satisfied with EasyJet overall services despite his weaknesses.Chapter VConclusions and recommendationsQuestion 1 Have you taken EasyJet flight before?The results showed that 35 (87%) of the participants I have approached have flow with EasyJet and 5 (13%) haven’t take EasyJet before.

The outcome of the participants responses indicates that EasyJet is a well-known low-cost airline company, very popular and reliable to travel within Europe and the worldwide. But for the few people who haven’t take EasyJet, yet it may be a psychological issue. I already mentioned above that low-cost airline is a brand-new business model introduced just couple years before.

Like other new products or services are introduced before, it is nature the customer is lack of confidence about it or like of communication.Recommendations: EasyJet must orient his advertisement on security and safety strategies and how it is safe and confident to travel with them; that can be convince and attract people who never flow with EasyJet. Also, the airline must have an aggressive communication his advertisement can be seen in everywhere specially in public areas such like all UK airports, Malls main UK roads and avenues, shopping- centre. The company should promote its brand through various online platforms and social media which can increase and boost its sales.

Question 2 Do you agree that EasyJet is the UK number one low-cost Airline to travel with through Europe?With the regard of this graft 30 (75%) of participants are agree and 10 (25%) include those who are never flow with EasyJet.This mean EasyJet have a good reputation among the low-cost carrier and agree to vote for this company as the UK number One to travel with through Europe. Since 1995 in the beginning of his existence EasyJet are doing well by using their competitive strategies to become successful and stay ahead of their rivals. But 25% are not agree for this EasyJet positionRecommendations: There are number of ways in which EasyJet could improve to take the organisation forward and make the company more profitable and improving performance. Example focus to provide best quality of service. Question 3 Did you use EasyJet airline services before or have an idea to use them in the future?85% of participants have used the airline before and want to use in the future, 8% are not sure and 7% don’t want to use at all.

It shows that the service concept of easyJet is clearly understood by the passengers and accepted by them; there is small space between passenger expectation and EasyJet’s business objective. As a communication method, the no-frills service concept helps passenger to understand the service experience, outcome, operation, and then the value of EasyJet’s no-frills service.Recommendations: As the number of low cost carriers is growing another possibility could be created some sort of loyalty scheme such as loyalty card or member card. The customer would then collect points whenever they travel with EasyJet, which would add up and when they have enough points, they could receive some sort of reward such as a discount on flights, free flights etc.

This would benefit EasyJet as well as the customers because the customer would want to travel with EasyJet instead of another company because they know they can save points and be rewarded with EasyJet.Question 4 How many times have you used EasyJet Airline28 (70%) responders on 35 have been flow with EasyJet more than once, 7(17%) travellers flow once with EasyJet and 5 (13%) not yet. This shows the loyalty of easyJet customer.Recommendations: the advertisement of a loyalty card can boost the fidelity of the customer and motivate those who travel only once or never travel with the company to use EasyJet.Question 5 Do you travel with easyJet mostly for?88% travel for leisure purpose, 6% of the participants travel business and 6% for both. In conclusion EasyJet customers main purpose of travel is for leisure and easyJet airplane don’t have business classRecommendations: to attract business customers EasyJet have to provide at least premium or first class on his planes and the services related of those class with little extra cost.

Question 6 Please select the way in which you usually book your easyJet flightsMost of EasyJet customers book their ticket online 97% of the participants again 3% on EasyJet contact centre (over the phone).In conclusion EasyJet booking system is based on e-booking model. It doesn’t offer agency booking; passengers can only book via telephone with extra fees, or the internet. His website represents a big flexibility for customers.Recommendations: Increasing trend for internet usage would help EasyJet to develop higher customer base with online booking system, EasyJet need to encourage users to make booking through online methods by offering special discount for the online users.Question 7 Do you find this booking system easy?97% of responders find EasyJet booking system easy again 3% don’t find easy.Conclusion: EasyJet got one of the best reservation system. It is an outstanding, reliable, scalable and flexible technology.

Recommendations: An only one booking system way, for people who do not use the internet like a large part of the elderly people, this system is problematic. EasyJet should really have more ways of bookings like TVM (Ticket Vendor Machine).Question 8 I enjoy using EasyJet Airline Services(72%) participants enjoy using EasyJet airline services. 5 (14%) are neutral and 5 (14%) are not enjoy using the airlineConclusion: For a no-frills low-cost carrier, EasyJet offers travellers a surprising level of comfort. Contrary to some of its competitors CITATION cfi16 l 2057 (cfi.

co, 2016)Recommendations: EasyJet can make effort to improve the quality of the services by controlling the delay in flight and handle the queries of the customer. Therefore, better employee behaviour and performance will increase customer satisfaction.Question 9 EasyJet mission statement is: “To provide its customers with safe, good value, point-to-point air services. To effect and to offer a consistent and reliable product and fares appealing to leisure and business markets on a range of European routes”. Do you believe the company are fulfilling their mission statement based on your own personal experience?89% of participants believe that are fulfilling their missionQuestion 10 What are your reasons for using EasyJet airline services?Question 11 Compare with EasyJet Airline service, I prefer another low-cost airline service such as Ryanair, Flybe etc… Question 12 Which low-cost airline have you used in the past or want to use in the future?Question 13 Does low price is your main reasons for using low-cost Airline?Question 14 What’s your favourite mean of transport when travelling to Europe Question 15 With which service do you get the best customer service when travelling to EuropeQuestion 16 Would you recommend easyJet to other peopleChapter VIIReview of MethodologyThe use of quantitative research methods in this study helped to address the aim of this study. The data collection, analysis and interpretation gave in-depth understanding about the study.

The use of graph and chart ensured clear presentation of the results of this study. The review of the methodology of this study shows areas that went well, what do not go so well and that need improvement.Factors that I considered on ethical issues were how to avoid any harm to participants resulting from the involvement in the research? On this point, I kept all questionnaires with confidentiality and in a safe place.As a novice researcher, the areas that went well for me was the distribution of questionnaire. The participants were present to collect the questionnaires Some of the ares that did not go so well in this study includes the delay in collection of the questionnaires. Lack of sufficient time because I have not done research before.References BIBLIOGRAPHY (n.

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