• Founder of hike messenger is “Kavin Bharti Mittal”. Her Nationality is “INDIAN” And “BRITISH”. He launch this application on 12 DECEMBER,2012
• Hike is the world’s sixth-biggest mobile massaging application.

The Hike app is a freeware , cross-platform messaging ,Voice over IP “(VoIP)” service.
In addition to text messaging, Hike users can send each other graphical, images, audios, files, voice messages, stickers, emoticons, videos, contacts and user location.
Users can also stay updated with news, cricket scores and jokes in an easily consumable format.
With 60 words news on the go, Hike News allows users to stay updated with the latest happenings around India and the world. There are so many type of news available like” INDIAN, WORD, BUSINESS, LIFESTYLE, SPORT, ENTERTIMENT, TECHNOLOGY, OFFBEAT.
Hike News comes in 8 Indian languages apart from English – HINDI, GUJARATI, TELUGU, MARATHI, TAMIL, MALAYALAM, BENGALI, MARATHI AND KANNADA.
Users can see the live and previous (3) match cricket score.
User also see match details like” Scorecard AND commentary”
User can share cricket live and previous match score with hike user and also share with other app user like” WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.”

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? JOKES :-

Hike has also collection of latest jokes.
User can see jokes in image or video from.
User can share jokes with hike user and also share with other app user like” WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.”

? Hike ID :-

In January 2018, Hike announced the launch of Hike ID to enhance its privacy features. Hike ID is a unique custom username that removes the need for sharing phone numbers to chat with someone. Users can also search for each other using their Hike ID.

? Themes :-

Hike supports 2 way chat themes that a user can change according to their relationship with person or their mood. The option for chat themes are limited but one can set the theme with their own pictures. The app also allows users to set their own App Theme, letting users choose from 10 different inbuilt themes. Hike also announced the launch of “Night Mode” an app theme to reduce strain on eyes in low light conditions.

? Stickers :-

Apart from basic social messaging means like photos, videos, emoticons and audio files and emoji’s, Hike has 20000+ graphical stickers. Many of the sticker packs can be used across different geographies but a lot of them are highly customized for Indian users. The stickers are available in 40+ Indian languages. Hike also has sticker suggestions where the application suggests the best reply for any sticker message. Apart from this, Hike allows users to “nudge”, a feature used to ping the receiver. In September 2017, Hike launched personalised sticker packs for over 500 colleges across India.


The codex alimentarius commission was setup in 1961 to act as the international forum for the adoption of food standards. The adopted standards could then be used by individual countries as the basis of their own national laws & regulations. By having a single basis, it was hoped that there would be greater uniformity and hence fewer barriers.
Although, it did achieve much during the first 30 years of its life, the incorporation of the Codex standards into national legislation was limited. In particular, developed countries felt the codex standards might decrease the controls they had developed nationally over many years. Developing countries that did adopt the Codex standards found that access to developed markets was still limited. More authority was, however, given to the Codex Alimentarius Commission with the formation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995. This provided a new recognition to the Codex which established Codex standards as the benchmark against which national legislation could be assessed for compliance with WTO rules.
The Codex Alimentarius is financed and run by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO). Membership is open to any country which is a member of either the FAO or WHO. Interested international organizations can also participate in the work of Codex and assist in the development of standards.
Currently the main meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission is an annual meeting open to all member nations and participating organizations. At this meeting decisions are taken on the adoption of standards and on general issues affecting the work of the commission.

Most of the preparatory work takes place in meetings of the various committees which have responsibility of different areas of work. Some of these committees consider matters of a “horizontal” nature (e.g., food hygiene, food labeling, or food contaminants) where as others consider matter of a “vertical” nature (e.g., fats and oils, sugar and fruits and vegetables). These committees are also open to all member nations and participating organizations. A defined “step-wise” procedure governs the adoption of standards and allows all countries to participate even if they do not attend all the meetings.
The Codex Alimentarius Commission also hosts meetings of regional countries, which enables discussion of matters affecting different regions of the world. These regional committees have been particularly valuable for the developing parts of the world where the sharing of experiences encourages the adoption of approaches suitable to the regional situation.

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Although the Codex process can seem quite lengthy and time taken to adopt standards can be surprisingly long, achieving agreement on sensitive food issues can be difficult. The Codex tries to work on the basis of the consensus in which standards are adopted by general agreement. Although voting has been used on occasions when there has been a clear difference of opinion, the resulting adoption of a controversial does not usually result in the matter being concluded. More detailed analysis of the differences and a more thorough understanding of the issues in dispute may eventually lead to a better agreed standard.
Potential barriers to trade caused by differences in other matters are generally covered by the “Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade” (the TBT agreement). In addition, with the adoption of procedures for resolving disputes, there now exists a substantial framework for preventing and overcoming potential trades problems relating to food.


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