High and biosafety for consumer protection. This article

High school might have screwed up all of us.But honestly high school bears really great memories in everyone’s life.Economic globalization represents both chance and challenge for the achievement of social and economic rights, including the right to food. At present genetically modified (GM) foods meet a variety of responses from consumers, and personal assessment of the risk benefit ratio influencing overall perception. There is a controversial perception of risk assessment in terms of health, environmental, economic and ethical risks. While the scientific community is indisputable about the safety of GM crops, consumers are not entirely confident and remain divided over the subject. Different views are being expressed together for and against GM food.

However, awareness has significantly increased alongside the rapid growth and commercial sale of GM crops across the globe. GMO proponent big companies are interested in the profit potential promised by the technology and increasing their market share over patents and royalties. They are not interested to protect consumer right. It also raised the questioned GM food feed the hunger world. The food safety issues of GMOs have also raised questions about the adequacy of regulatory devices of biotechnology and biosafety for consumer protection.

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This article will examine the controversial points concerning GMOs in public health concerns, environmental and socio-economic impacts. Also, highlight the public right to access and information of GMO under the Aarhus convention.
It will touch the issue whether the regulatory framework on tracing and labelling are truly essential, or whether trade policy to increase GM products sale. Finally, it claims that international law needs rethinking concerning GMOs to support consumer interests and rights.


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