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High Blood Pressure High blood pressure, or hypertension, is an abnormal force exerted by the blood against blood vessel walls which causes many problems. This force will cause tragic incidents such as a heart attack, strokes, and finally it could lead to death. Additionally, a normal blood pressure which is considered healthy is 120/80. Blood pressure above the normal level is very harmful, and it could affect anyone at any age.

Moreover, there are many causes that could trigger the blood pressure to increase. Some of these causes are biological, psychological, and bad habits.There are many biological factors that could lead a person into the hypertension situation. One of them is genetics. Levels of blood pressure show strong familial aggregation, which can be Demonstrated from the first months of life.

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Large population-based studies as well as adoption studies indicate that this familial aggregation is largely due to genetic factors. Next, age is one biological factor that causes a rise in the blood pressure. As one grows older, his veins and arteries starts to narrow. It’s well known that people who are above the age of 60 usually have higher blood pressure than the normal 120/80 blood pressure. Moreover, increased caffeine dosage contributes to hypertension. Caffeine appears to affect blood pressure through adenosine receptor inhibition which increases the release of adrenaline that rises blood pressure. Therefore, these biological effects will lead to change people’s mood dramatically.

There are some psychological factors that triggers hypertension. Anxiety is one of the psychological factors. Episodes of anxiety can cause dramatic, temporary spikes in your blood pressure, and it will cause your heart to pump fast. If those temporary spikes occur frequently they can cause a huge increase in blood pressure. Next is stress or stressfulness.

At this stage, your body will deliver a lot of hormones. These hormones increase your blood pressure by making your heart beat faster than normal. Being in stressful situations such as a death of a friend or family member or even divorce could lead into hypertension because your blood pressure will increase significantly during these moments. Moreover, Children who have been victims of abuse or neglect may be at greater risk of battling high blood pressure as adults, according to one study. Adults who are victims of child abuse can experience many different types of difficulties including hypertension, depression, and anxiety. Moreover, hypertension could be influenced by someone’s bad habits.

There are a lot of things which people do regularly in daily life that affect their health especially their blood pressure. A type of diet that includes lots of salt is very harmful and it could lead to having an increased blood pressure. Intaking more salt than normal adds more sodium in your circulatory system. This will cause a decrease in the ability of your kidneys to expel the water. At the end, you will have a higher pulse because of the additional liquid on the veins that leads into kidneys. Second, lack of physical exercise. Not exercising will lead to being in overweight problems. People who are obese experience hypertension more than people who are in-shape.

Moreover, smoking and alcohol intake play a huge role in causing hypertension. In many studies of diverse populations, it has been found that persons drinking relatively large amounts of alcohol and smoking cigarettes tend to have higher blood pressures. In conclusion, hypertension is a chronic condition that affects your circulatory system and your life in general. It can cause tragic conditions such as heart attack, strokes, and even death if it continued. Therefore, a normal blood pressure is extremely essential to having a very healthy life.

Causes of hypertension are plenty. Moreover, factors such as biological, psychological, and bad habits such as smoking or alcohol intake can contribute of having abnormal high blood pressure.


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