Hi Project “Soar”, this is project which

Hi steemians, Welcome to a new reliable Project “Soar”, this is project which investors cannot resist the investment opportunity on this Project. I’m sure by now most of you all must have gone through different articles and gain some idea on this project.For those who haven’t heard or need more information on this project, This is the time for all of you.

Pls go through my article, I will be explaining important points on project “Soar” and I believe you will be able to invest on this project without any hesitation. Who are the team and owner of the Soar platform?The Soar is a Singapore based company and The owner of the Soar platform is Soar SG Pte . Project Soar has well experienced team members with well rounded professional background. Which is a key factor which will help to build up more trust in investors when considering this project as an investment opportunity.  They are experts in Geospatial, Marketing, Blockchain technology, Capital Ventures, Digital Capital Management, Accounting, Communication, public relationship, and legal matters and etc.As I mentioned below all investors can keep trust on them and there is no fear in investing on this project.

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Below is the introduction of team members of project soar.What is Soar?Soar is a project presenting a special designated place where the unmanned flight content of all types can be traded. The unmanned aerial content traded in this market is formed by rising high quality videos and other photography content. This block chain based structure aims to improve the value of all types of unmanned content and they are distributed from the creator to the object of the content creators on a decentralized platform.  This platform is driven in a trustless, secure and distributed blockchain community.Why Does SOAR platform Use A Blockchain? The target of introducing SOAR platform is making a market for drone data such as aerial maps, videos, still photos and all other expertise did content.

The SOAR platform allows drone operators to upload and sell data to all SOAR platform users anytime and in anyplace on this earth. The SOAR platform likely to allow rapid growth in the value of mapping data and drone data by realizing the initial financial power of current drone data.And by ensuring the uprightness of the unmanned content metadata through smart contracts, Soar automatically and openly publishes the location, time and type of equipment used to capture the internal tolerance on the blockchain.The Soar platform is exploring emerging market opportunities to become the leading open market for unmanned content including video and image content.

At present, most unmanned flight operators use only one channel to sell their content: commissioned from the customer. Moreover, in many cases, this content is limited to local markets. This one-on-one approach to finding unmanned content supplies limits the opportunity for unmanned flight operators to resell to interested parties or organizations without having to re-fly. The Soar platform approach will allow unmanned flight operators to be able to develop content and make money with unmanned content on a global scale and unlock potential value in the shoot. use to be.

With a unique approach to docked content validation, buyers know exactly where and what drone flight is being collected, and blockchain technology ensures the integrity of this information is easy to pinpoint. Intelligent. Creating the potential value of the unmanned footage market is challenged by the lack of standardized content formats and substantial file size of high-quality unmanned footage. Because Soar is compatible with a variety of unmanned content types, this eliminates the issue of content format standards and cloud-based storage that eliminates local storage and delivery issues. and long download time.By ensuring the integrity of unmanned content metadata through smart contracts, Soar automatically and transparently publishes the location, time and device type used to capture content on the blockchain.

. The use of blockchain technology confirms the authenticity of the footage to ensure the integrity of the unmanned content and combat issues such as ‘fake news’.However, this is not the end of the game. Gradually, by aggregating content collected from thousands of unmanned aerial operators, Soar will create a influential database for the world’s first super-map at an remarkable level of detail. All are linked by blockchain technology to share data.The advantage of unmanned aerial vehicles by both business and consumers, Soar provides an opportunity for all drone owners to cast their content.

In 2017 Sales of commercial drone trains are expected to exceed $ 1 billion. The unmanned aerospace market is mainly guided by the tremendous growth in commercial applications of content and unmanned footage in such industries as infrastructure, mining and agriculture. the press and real estate markets with an estimated market value of $ 127 billion by 20202. The rate of market growth was estimated at 15-25% CAGR over the next five years.

Despite the rapid development of the unmanned aerial industry, there is a absence of a suitable market for content or unmanned facilities for unlicensed flying operators to darken. Optimize and Make Full Money Content. Soar will directly address the problem of lack of content market. Moreover, there is no direct access to mapping technology that allows this content to effectively map to the ground and take advantage of extremely high-resolution content in which unmanned aerial vehicles are capable.

Soar will provide this platform for content providers and buyers, dealing with the SkyMap Token (Symbol: SKYM), a utility token that opens up a range of capabilities on the Soar Platform.Owning a SKYM token allows customers to use the platform and reward the content creator.When is Soar event?The first news is the latest news pinned on the twitter channel of the Soar project Up to 5,000 SKYM cards for lucky voters! Join Soar telegram group. Send the message in the group as “I choose #” to vote and support your favorite photo. Followed by a very interesting article regarding this Soar project: ‘In an emergency, # aircraft can be a life saver .

.. unmanned aerial vehicles are useful where the human eye is helpless.

‘Soar recently met with a Google team at the Googleplex in Singapore. STAY TUNED for some interesting announcements coming soonNext is a Soar event: DOUBLE REWARDS! 6 DRI Drones FREE + 5,000 SKYM Cards! Everyone has a chance to win! Introduce your friends to the @SoarEarth mailing list now! Drawings for lucky participants happen when we approach 10,000 members! For more details, see the picture below.


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