hi when regarding film directing. His tone, mood,

hi my name is sai and im a studymoose major. Indisputably, Tim Burton has one of the world’s most distinct styles when regarding film directing.

His tone, mood, diction, imagery, organization, syntax, and point of view within his films sets him apart from other renowned directors. Burton’s style can be easily depicted in two of his most highly esteemed and critically acclaimed films, Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Burton ingeniously incorporates effective cinematic techniques to convey a poignant underlying message to the audience. The same cinematic technique is utilized in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In the inception of the film, darker and paler shades of colors are emphasized in the scenery.

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Especially inside Charlie’s home. However, once inside the chocolate factory, conspicuous colors are introduced. Even though the factory seemed like an exuberant center, there was still a profound void inside the hearts of Wonka, the obnoxious children, and non-proficient parents, not including Charlie and his grandfather.

They were lacking the warmth of family unity and self content amid impecuniosity, that Charlie and his grandfather possessed. One can discern that Burton’s style is highly influenced by his lighting effects which in turn affects the tone, mood, and imagery of the film. The sharp contrast of coloration, establishes symbolism, tone, mood, and imagery.

Another apparent effect of lighting is the mood it synthesizes. During the scenes in which the figures are pale or low key, the viewer feels uncomfortable. The reverse occurs during the high key scenes.

Without the implementation of high key and low key, Burton’s message would have never been fully apprehended in both of the films.


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