Hi friends..usually i never think off two much

Hi friends..usually i never think off two much about digitization  but today while having conversation with one of my friend, we two stuck and lost somewhere in deep thoughts of our early phase of life…

.How we were and now what we have been.This question reminds of essay which was very popular during an examination time “Is science/technology is boon or bane” Technology has changed our lives a lot. There are many such things that have become only possible due to recent developments in digital technologies.Excess of everything is bad, however taking advantage of advance technology is not bad, till the time we are using it in limits.Well its simple, it makes living easy.

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It helps us become more productive; multi-tasking is reality, endless learning us possibility.. Yeah….. That’s what I think so.

Its impossible to imagine our lives right from the wake up alarm to the blender for the morning juices and the vacuum cleaner, technology owns us. And whether we like it or not, its true.The laptop that I am currently using to put across my views, to the phone each one of us uses to stay in touch with the world, the metro that all of love to use for commute, the washing machines that have become necessities to something as simple as a baby diaper is technology.Without technology just imagine, where our ancestors never felt presence of being at two pace in once. They experienced poor communication – time consuming activity to wait for response. People were limited to things.But with revolution due to this digital world, things become so easy,no matter which industry you’re dealing in, technology will be of use in a certain manner.

No waste of time. It give us a richer life as everything seems to be at our finger tips. All we need to do is tap, touch, type or say something. I wonder how easy it has made the world of reading/ learning and how small it made the world to be,wherever you would be,you can still talk to your family everyday with ease. How things come to you, with you sitting right in your home with everything delivered to your doorstep. Distance is going to be no more a limitation. How its making life painless and comfortable with its feet in Science/ Medicine. Its become very easier for us to communicate all around the world.

Even one could get done projects through freelancing. Freelancing has been made possible only due to digital technologies development. we can work from homewe can use GPSWe can make payments onlineWe can self-learn from online resourcesBenefits are limitless. Provided these tools or technologies are used for the right purpose.All of this should make humans powerful. On the contrary,  I think people’s social skills, connections are getting so impacted that only place they can cry out their hearts seems to be on Facebook! Not to friends or family but on social networks. Self-worth is measured by likes or comments or number of friends on your list.

Are we losing our self-worthiness? Are we forming our lives so public and pitiful, literally begging for attention? Are we making ourselves fools in all of this? Are we becoming slaves?


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