Hephaestus Achilles during the siege of Troy

Hephaestus is a God of fire and forge but his father is Zeus. His father had many lovers plus an abundance of offspring so therefore Hephaestus had multiple siblings. Then Hera is his mother she had given birth to hephaestus like zeus did with athena, but since hera is zeus companion  she became the queen of  Gods and have gotten the title of  goddess of marriage. But to have parents that are handsome and beautiful you would think Hephaestus would be a handsome kid right?  But as a baby, Hephaestus was a very ugly and petite child. So when his face was red and distorted, Hera was terrified at the sight of Hephaestus so she threw him off the top of Mount Olympus when he was just a baby. Many articles had stated that he fell off of mt Olympus for a single day and one night Then, therefore, he plunged into an ocean which is unknown. But when he hit the water, it broke one of his legs. Since then it never healed properly, and it was noticeable when he walked. Hephaestus went deep into the ocean because he was unconscious.Thetis a sea nymph, found him and She took him to her underwater home and raised him as her own son. Then after many of years, Hephaestus grew large and strong heavily built, to be a muscular built man.But since one of his legs was broken so he made A woodenfoot that caused him to walk with a Limp.Hephaestus made a lot of amazing weapons from his craftsmanship but since he was the god of the forge and fire, but made such a gorgeous palace that he built for the gods who stay in Mount Olympus, or the armor that he made for Achilles during the siege of Troy war with the partnership of Odysseus. Hephaestus also created the first woman, who was Pandora by the command of his father Zeus, in reprisal for the various tricks by which the Titan Prometheus had benefited men by the cost of the gods. Pandora was given to the Titan’s brother, Epimetheus, as his wife. For her hand in marriage by the order of Zeus, she brought a jar filled with evils from which she removed the lid, thereby burden the men for the first time with hard work and sickness. Only hope to remain inside the jar.   All gods and goddesses have myths but Vulcan was rejected by his mother Hera since he was ugly was one, when he learned about the truth what his mom did he got very angry and despise her and exact revenge on her for the decision she had made many years ago. So he decided to create a magic gold throne that would detain her and send it to Mount Olympus as a gift to his mother.So when Hera saw the beautiful throne, she  fell in love with it at first glanced and without any train of thought, she sat on the throne elated and hastedly. Then therefore  all at once, invisible, unbreakable chains appeared and tied her up quickly. Hera cried and plead for help from all the gods. The gods ran to help her when she was in need of aid, but none of them was able or powerful enough of releasing  her from the chains off of her.But Soon all the gods realized that the only one person who could withhold Hera, which was Hephaestus. The facts I have learned about Vulcan was that  Aphrodite who is his wife, She was not loyal to him with love interest for Ares. The marriage was an arranged by his mom because gods were fighting for her hand. So to end all that Hephaestus got her hand and end all altercations. But in the eyes of many people the god of the forge is considered as a legend of the arts because he built a lot of tools and weapons, then despite all of that, He was also a kind and peace-loving god. In addition, He was worshipped primarily in Athens, where he had a temple dedicated to him. Also the fact that Hephaestus made the aegis which is the shield that Athena is known for carryingduring battle or war. Then arrows of Eros who has known also as Cupid was made by Hephaestus as well.


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