Healthy environment for children in a child care

    HealthySafe Environment AssignmentLala BaradkjanECY103N1ALisaRasoJanuary30, 2018   HealthySafe Environment AssignmentCreatinghealthy and safe environment for children in a child care center is veryimportant concern. All children have the right to be in a setting that providesthem with a more than theoretical healthy and safe environment, as a fact that thebest part of learning experiences happens where kids are happy and secured.A.R.Cchild care center which is located on 54 Danforth Ave. is supervised by a veryprofessional RECE named Mary, who is also enrolled at ECE apprenticeshipprogram at Seneca College. The center has 15 infants in rooms A and B and 38preschoolers in rooms C and D.

The center has 9 staff members working as a oneteam together.The center has playbased emerging curriculum which is learning through playing activities toencourage children for self awareness like identify and discuss interests atcircle time, dress themselves as part of self reliance, identify and applybasic safety rules to everyday life, demonstrate consideration for others byhelping and sharing, identify ways of moving, participate in singing anddancing, listen to stories, create pictures, arts and crafts that expressestheir interests and experiences.The curriculum isguided and directed by the supervisor and staff members to adopt the bestappropriate healthy environment for the kids physically emotionally andmentally, because being in a healthy and safe environment should matter the ECEcaregiver at first hand.On Thursday January25,2018 morning around 10.00 am with the help of the supervisor I started observingrooms A, B, C and D, as well as the kitchen, washrooms, cubbies, outdoor areas,indoor facilities and so many spots to see the standards that those kids wereliving in.

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The first standardfor setting up an environment in a way that promotes safety for the kids is thearrangement of items, exits, electrical cords, furniture, toys, carpets or anyitem that might be a matter of danger for kids as well as caregivers.As walking in thenursery and checking the classrooms, I noticed that in room B one of the rugsand especially the corners weren’t secure enough as they should be, so thatkids might be tripped if they are walking in that area and if they didn’tnotice that the corner side is not fixed on the floor, the risk of falling downwill be big.Ensuring that environmentshould be safe from any tripping hazards where kids can play and walk safely,we have to consider that every area is comfortable for them and free fromanything which will address their safety.Accordingto( Pimento & Kernested, 2015). Healthy Foundations In Early ChildhoodSettings (5th ed.). p.403 “Do not use scatter rugs.

Do not runextension cords across floors where people walk or under carpeting (firehazards)”.AccordinglyI will highly recommend the center to consider safety arrangement for walkingkids or staff if they are walking or running on emergency procedure so that itis better for them to remove those carpets or to replace double face tapesunder the carpets that have tripping sides so that they stick on the floor andwill be secure for everyone. According to Child Care Centre Licensing Manual,Ontario Regulation 137/15  (2014) p.61″The play materials, equipment, and furnishing are free of hazards that couldpotentially endanger the health and saftey of children.Movingto the classrooms and observing onsight, I noticed that teachers weren’t doinghealth checks before kids enter the classroom.

 Obviously before starting any activity and before allowing kids interacttogether, caregivers in the presence of the parent should do health checks forthe kids, because their health sometimes changes quickly  and they will be exposed quickly to desease.According to Child Care Centre Licensing Manual Ontario Regulation 137/15  (2014) p.81 “An imporatnt step in preventingthe spread of desease or infection is early detection so that children who maybe ill can be seperated from other children”.     


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