Health healthcare utilization upward. Health systems and hospitals

 Health Carepayment/health insurance systems evolved as a result from the rising cost ofcare to fulfill the requests. Health insurance originated from disability remunerationin the latter 1800s The Health insurance companies exist to fulfill the need tofinance Health Care spending.Health Insurancecompanies are not the only responsible party for creating health reimbursementsystems. The government made PPS (Prospective Payment System) as a method to combineall hospital costs together into one payment. Together, the government choosesthe health insurance companies to administer payment services. Thus, the healthinsurer is an individual, then the health insurance company becomes the third-partypayment and the government provides risk management. (Lieberthal, R.

D., 2016).Employers and government are also take part in health insurers. Employers provide healthinsurance to their employees, patients and dependents classified as grouphealth insurance. In the United States, many individuals get insurance fromemployment or from any other source. (Liberthal, R.D., 2016).

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Medicare establishes thereimbursement system, sets prices and is responsible for spending bybeneficiaries. Also, the Medicaid program with Federal and State government spendingcost of health care and providing risk management services to beneficiaries.(Lieberthal, R.D., 2016).Health information willpositively influence the future evolution of the U.S.

healthcare paymentsystem. Because this process of electronically sharing of data betweenhealthcare organizations will give the benefit and support needed by patients.This creates openness to participation via electronic health records, whichwill be able to develop HIE for their customers. (

The HIE helps reduce medical error, improves quality of health and betterassessment of the relative benefits to patients and providers.HIE systems are built forproviders and payers, therefore with this evolution, the U.S. healthcarepayment system in this new technology will create a smooth flow ofcommunication.

This new force of technology could drive healthcare utilizationupward. Health systems and hospitals will gain competition advantage in aspectof performance improvement strategies, achieving higher quality patient outcomeand maximize operational efficiencies. Consumers will become increasinglyassertive in when, where and how they want to receive care and at what price. (www. this week’s learningresources, all the three presenters mentioned about the effectiveness of newtechnology impact on the delivery of healthcare.

Costs, Access to services, andInsurance Provisions were key factors for utilization of care. (Laurette Video,2010).   ReferencesLieberthal, R.D. (2016).What is Health Insurance good for? An Examination of who gets it, who pays forit, how to improve it.Retrieved from: https://www. Implications andImpact of 3 Approaches to Health Information. Retrieved from:  https://www.onlinelibrary.

Take A Look at how MarketForces will impact Health Care. H & HN. Retrieved from:  https://www.hmnmag.

com/…4012_take-a-look-at-how-market-forces-will-impactLaurette Education, Inc.

(Executive Producer). (2010). Health care information technology business andfinance. Baltimore, MD: Author.



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