Health facility in order to deliver services to

Health care may bedefined as the refinement is the of individuals’ health through nursing andprevention of diseases or injuries that are likely to be transmitted randomlycausing impairment to the people involved. Professionals involved in thisparticular field operate in all organized branches in the facility in order todeliver services to people in need of the services. The attendance renderedfocus on improvement of the conditions provided to patients at the hospital.However, the branches involved are nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and psychology.The professionals should acquire skills through training as well as educationconferences with valid documents to certify regulation.            This particular field mainly focuses on mattersassociated with significance and efficacy of healthcare production. Moreover,the discipline these matter is connected to exploitation of accessibleresources to gratify the human desires in the entire community for differentuses.

This care should be issued to all individuals without any discrimination.In addition, health care supply reflects on the production costs involved andthe available market for medicine to be supplied as well as the inputs needed toserve the ailing individuals. Money and time are considered very important toany ailing person since they should help cater for the services rendered by theexperts in the strategic fields.            Resources are required by patients to help them cater forsick people.

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For example, any person with poor sight may require eye contactshelp them see clearly when a patient suffers from poor eye sight. Moreover,medications should be purchased and in case sick people are being admitted inhospitals, the facility should be in a stable condition to accommodate peoplein terms of beds. The government should hire qualified personnel to renderquality services in nursing homes or hospitals. Failure to this may lead toincreased death rates in case the nurses and doctors are incompetent.Accordingto Griffin (2017), any operation carried out unfairly should be corrected toavoid any complications likely to occur in the near future.

Recently, theprices involved have gone up at a very high rate. The issue is a challenge tothe people who may not be in a position to raise the necessary resources toassist them in medical checkups. Furthermore, there are many regulations to beadhered to which may lead to undesired outcomes.

However, a solution may bedeveloped by setting limits.Thekey potential benefits connected to learning care economics linked to thegovernment include improving the quality of care that is provided to thepatients, and being in a condition to control the costs sustained. Thegovernment should respond by taking action and restrict insurance prices inhealth care provided by the workers.

Well-being is very important to thesociety because it is very crucial role. (Clarke, 2016).Inaddition, it is important be very keen on the meals one ingests. Recently, a largepercentage of citizens in the nation are faced by the challenge of raisingfinances due to the high unemployment rates. Citizens are not able to raise thenecessary funds to afford the basic needs.

Hospitals are faced by the challengethat many individuals are not insured, yet they require to be attended to. Thishas led to increased debts. Moreover, hospitals are left in an unstablecondition whereby it becomes difficult to pay loans or get credit from otherinstitutions.

The employees are few considering the number of patients thatrequire to be catered for day in day out.Someof the primary benefits of acquiring knowledge about health care economicsinclude the development of education, advancement in income, and housing. Thishas come up as a result of people getting informed about prevention of certaindiseases likely to affect them. New interventions are discovered easily.Medicine and surgeries are readily available even to the states earning lowincome. The gap between the rich and the poor has increased in most countries,but the poor individuals in the society suffer more in such instances sincethey cannot afford to maintain that kind of lifestyle. Resources are generatedfrom retail of human resources, distribution of import and exports and medicalequipment.Servicesare provided to individuals and clinics in order to attend to all individualswho may have fallen sick.

These are rendered by the authority ornon-governmental corporations in a nation. The entire population influences thedemand for the services that are for investment income. readily available in the market. This either leads to improved or poorperformance in experienced in the results inter connected to health. Diversefeatures affect a person’s health which are one’s individual lifestyle,government regulations and the surrounding environment where a person lives.Governmentgets involved by minimizing costs in order that they can be readily affordableto every person considering that health is a priority which should be focusedemphasized on.

The health care insurance costs are likely to be done away withwhich is contrary to what the public expects. This may lead to increased costsincurred by the patients. There are diverse government provisions to be enactedwhich lead the citizens to relying upon health insurance schemes.

Fitness isalso very important since exercising daily ensures that people live a healthylifestyle.Itis challenging to earn credit from any recognized financial institution due tofinancial strain that is being experienced recently. This has affected thehealth care industry greatly. However, policies play a major role in curbingsuch challenges that are experienced because of such matters.

Lack ofaccessibility to loans affects hospitals since they rely upon such funds to runthe errands necessary to accommodate and meet the needs of the patients in thefacility. This has led to inadequate working staff and medicine required. Employeesfrequently organize protest, and the rest resign due to underpayments, an issuethat the government should immediately solve by reviewing the nation’s budget.Another factor affecting health care is the increasing number of the citizenswho are not insured which means that most services offered in hospitals are notpaid for.

Debts rise gradually since the law states that patients accommodatedin wards in case of an emergency should be in a position to compensate for theservices that are provided.Theincreased unemployment rates contribute to why many people are not insured. Inaddition, employees earning low income are most likely to be un insured in casethey are dismissed at their places of work, or when the contract is terminated.The effects faced by an economy lead to reduced demand for health carefacilities therefore affecting the practitioners’ income. In case patients arenot in a position to pay for their bills, losses are reflected on theindividuals depending on this field.

Themajor potential merits of educating the citizens on issues concerning healtheconomics is that whenever health services are rendered to a particularindividual, it benefits the entire society. For instance, if a patient issuffering from a transmittable disease it may be transferred to many people.These kinds of services are preferred by private sectors since when prices arefixed privately, the benefits of providing them are omitted in most cases. Thepotential benefits are involve provision of quality services, cost managementand being sincere to the departments for reliability in future transactionslikely to be conducted.Availabilityof markets promotes productivity because for a product or service to be soldand accepted by clients, innovation should be enhanced to improve on thequality.

However, there has been stiff competition in the industry which hasgot both merits and demerits. However, it is very important since it ensuresthat the products that circulate the market adhere to the necessaryrequirements.                        Everyprofession is guided by specific ethics in order to ensure that qualityservices are provided to the clients. According to many organizations, thecustomer is always right and should be treated in a special manner in order tolure in potential members and win the customers back next time. The markettoday is flooded and the best way to retain customers is through customerservice and innovation to ensure that the goods and services offered are of abetter quality.

            Individuals are considered to be professionals in aparticular field after attending training sessions that are led by experts andleaders of departments in institutions. After training, they are assesseddepending on the field that one is involved in. In most cases, people areassigned strategic tasks to evaluate their expertise.

The main factors that areconsidered involve the dress code, communication skills. As an expert, oneshould be confident and fluent when assisting clients. Moreover, politeness isobserved in all places.

There is no second chance to create the firstexpression; therefore the workers should ensure that they always approachcustomers in the most ideal manner.            In case a certain product or service is not available,the workers should not inform this to the clients. This is because it willdiscourage them from purchasing goods from that organization. They should beassured that despite the goods and services being un-available, direct orderscan be made on their behalf.

This should be followed by after sales serviceswhich include free delivery to the required destination.  Moreover, in case a certain worker issupposed to serve many customers face to face, it may seem rude for the personto make phone calls while attending to clients. Several entities do not allowusing mobile phones at the work place not unless there is a case of emergency.            Health information managementinvolves analysis carried out as well as protection of traditional and moderndata which is crucial in providing the necessary care to ill individuals. It isclear that people should dress in the manner which they expect to be addressed.Every profession should follow defined protocols regarding the dress code thatshould be adhered to at the work place. This varies from one profession toanother.

In addition, the way a person dresses reflects how he/she feels aboutthe job involved. An individual involved in this particular field should alwaysdress casually regardless of the patients being taken care of.            Regardless of the section that oneis allocated to work, it is advisable to always dress in a manner that ispresentable to all people and respect the work place.

It is un-ethical to dressin pajamas or any sleeping attire. Some organizations are strict and havedesigned uniforms for workers to avoid further complications. For one to bequalified as a profession, lessons must be followed up to acquire the necessaryskills to carry out the duties that are assigned at work.            Mental health is the state at whichan individual is able to cope with issues arising causing stress as well asbeing able to realize their potential regarding the issues that they arecapable to handle. However, it is very important for everyone to be in theperfect condition in order to relate well with others, therefore there areseveral factors that should be considered to improve this state.

How to improve anddevelop mental health             The initial step to improve on thiscondition is by meditation which improves concentration. This should beobserved for at least five minutes a day after waking up or before going tobed. However, practicing gratitude is helpful whereby one is expected to viewlife from a positive perspective that acknowledging what you are thankful for,rather than focusing on the challenges faced.

Physical exercise triggers goodmoods since there are chemicals that are released from the brain during theactivities to minimize depression (Gray, 2002).Travelling plays a major role too since the scenery is all captured in the mindtherefore making one become calmer. Furthermore, it is very crucial to haveenough hours of sleep since lack of sleep leads to poor control of emotions. How Mental Health affectsrelationships            Relationships are greatly affectedby mental illness. For instance, looking after a member of the family sufferingfrom a sickness is very stressful and may lead to development of other problemssuch as depression and insomnia (Gray, Robinson& Seddon, 2007).

The individuals ailing also face challenges such asisolation and harassment as some people consider them as a burden. Thepatient’s children may be traumatized by the ordeal and most of them who arenot old enough to understand grow up feeling different and blaming themselves.In case of a couple in a relationship, if stress arises it may negativelyaffect the suffering partner thus making the situation worse. Eventually, thepartner who is stable may get tired of handling all the issues and withdrawfrom the role of the care taker.How overdosing caffeinecan cause mental issues            Excessive consumption of caffeinecan be illustrated by several symptoms such as insomnia, vomiting, nervousness,increased heartbeat, sweating and cardiac arrest. An overdose may result tolack of sleep which may result to mental disorders. Caffeine is a stimulant tothe nervous system which may lead to individual suffering from caffeinepsychosis caused by an overdose.

Individuals under this condition tend to bevery violent and in case of a criminal act the person under this condition mayplead the insanity defense successfully claiming that they were under apsychosis.How radiation lightaffects the eye and brain            The rays enter the eye through thecornea whose refractive power bends the rays to the pupil to open the iriswhere the light enters.  Exposure of theeyes to radiation light may lead to complications such as cataracts, which isclouding of the natural lens of the eye, damaging the retina and skin canceraround the eyelids. The impact of light to the brain depends on the wavelengthof light and it enables the release of hormones which increase the bodyactivities. However, it is crucial for an individual’s health as it assists thebody to gain vitamin D.

            If the human mind fails to functionaccordingly, the entire body system is affected. Mental disorder is therefore acondition challenging many people and should be addressed aggressively sinceonly a few acknowledge the problem (Tearse,2013). Medical attention should be sought instantly to avoid futurecomplications.                        Ifhealth care systems run accordingly, there should be a stable economyconsidering that the factors are directly proportional. This means each factoraffects the other in the same manner. Other factors affecting health careinclude costs and reimbursement rates. Analysts must be employed in order tocome up with the most valid decisions to come up with the best results that arerequired to ensure that everything runs without any hitches.

Regulationstrategies should be exercised to cater for the well-being of all individualsdespite their social, political or economic backgrounds. This enhances safetyto all people in the society.            Furthermore, experts conductinterviews to examine the proficiency of potential learners willing and able towork in an institution.

There are certain skills that are related toprofessionals. For instance, it is important to be flexible and adapt easily tonew environments despite the culture shock. However, practitioners should be ina condition to work easily under a pressurized environment producing constantresults. The problem solving skills should be prevalent, as well as decisionmaking. This should be carried out without any consultation assuming thatprofessionals should always be independent.            Wheneverany business is ran professionally, chances of success are high on conditionthat the required ethics are followed.

They may appear to be strict andun-favorable but they guide on the next foregone alternative. Confidence isgained from clients if a practitioner’s first impression is memorable. However,some organizations define to the employees that the customer is always right sothat he/she may be treated respectfully. Regardless of the section that one isallocated to work, it is advisable to always dress in a manner that ispresentable to all people and respect the work place. It is un-ethical to dressin pajamas or any sleeping attire. Some organizations are strict and havedesigned uniforms for workers to avoid further complications.

For one to bequalified as a profession, lessons must be followed up to acquire the necessaryskills to carry out the duties that are assigned at work.            There is a difference between dutiescarried out by qualified personnel and those that are not trained. This isreflected in the end results. Many fields cannot employ people who are notconversant with the tasks that are carried out at the place of work to avoidlosing clients and tarnishing the company’s reputation.

(Evetts,2012). However, training individuals may require time and resources which couldalternatively be used in development of an entity.


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