Health of health promotion is to make changes

Health Promotion supply of information and education to individuals and the nation, which helps them to make positive lifestyle choices to improve their health and wellbeing. The purpose of health promotion is to make changes of the people’s lifestyle and to inform them how to live healthily. In addition to motivate, people to change their behaviour.The aims of health promotion activities are raise health awareness, encourage safety and reduce accidents, reduce number of people smoking, encourage healthy eating habits and reduce alcohol intake.Health promotion activities are: Health risk advice means raising awareness of health related issue and educating individuals to help them make a healthy lifestyle choice.Peer education: some health professionals and community members encourage each other to have a healthy behaviour.

Shock tactics: for example, showing pictures of the damaged organs inside the body and inform the people how they affect.Advice from health professionals: in school or college health professionals invited to speak to students about some topic such as drinking, smoking and safe sex. Doctors also give advice some advice to who has asthma or someone who is too obese to lose weight. Advice from police and fire service: in school and college police officers give advice to the student such as alcohol or keeping safe at Halloween. Fire officers give advice to be safe on Bonfire Night.Testimonies from people personally affected by issues: this when the person who is already affected by health risk such danger of drug taking and they are invited to school or interview on television.

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Health promotion campaigns helps the people with the aim of raising awareness of health-related issue. There are some campaigns such as department of health national campaigns: helps people to live better for longer and they make sure people have the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve. In addition, national and local NHS campaigns and use of different forms of media also help the people to make them to live healthy. Medical intervention is help the people to vaccinate to reduce disease. For example, childhood immunisations, vaccinations, screening. A vaccine helps the people to be safe from any disease such as pathogen and help against flu from spreading and reduces chances of individuals who are at most risk of getting it.

Screening is the way of discovering cancer.


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