Health according to the ones t recommended

Health promotion refers to the process whose aim is to improve health of individuals by increasing their control over. There are three strategies of health promotion and they include; advocating, enabling, and mediating.Advantages of health promotion at community levelPromotion of health at community level has various merits which include:ResponsibilityIncreasing awareness of about wealth at community levels enablesLifestyle changePeople can radically improve their health by deciding to change their lifestyle according to the ones t recommended by medical practitioners.

This may include good eating habits and regular exercisingThe audience aimed can be specificNot all health promotions are targeted to a general audience but some are aimed at specific audience. For example, enlighten the young girls on importance of pads.Common sense creation when knowledge is vastly spreadLogically speaking, knowledge becomes common sense enough if enough education is spread to people.Disadvantages of health promotion at community levelIndividualityReadiness to take action by an individual depends on his/her attribute.

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Limited TimeTime is very limited to engage a group of stakeholders.Difference in priorities and goalsThere is a deviance between communities and researchers concerning the goals and the priorities. This might lead to power and control struggles.Monotony and boredomDuring the process of health promotions at community levels, people may feel being dictated to and may tend to resist the promotions.Creating a society where everybody has a chance to live longAims of trying to increase life-span of individuals in a society is dependent on some certain factors, they include:Keeping yourself physically fitAvoiding stressful things and prolonged thoughts that drain the brain a lot of energyKeeping your body free from alcohol and drugs.Practicing recommended living habitsPracticing good eating habitsHealth regular check-up.Providing the body with energy that it requires


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