Health have the higher rate on low performance

Health is another factor that emerges from the issue of education inequality. (Stich, 2015), says that the salary gaps mean that children with quality life will attain high ranks in employment ladder and thus receive higher salaries over those children with low-quality education who will be appointed in subordinate roles such as supervisors and service providers. The advantages received from employment acts such as health coverage will be at the advantage of those receiving higher salaries thus leaving the low-income workers disadvantaged.Racial differences in educational performance continue to be central to inequality in America. Unfortunately, African-American and Hispanic’s students have the higher rate on low performance in our school’s system. “Recent research shows that during every year of schooling, African American students continue to learn less than comparable White students.

Whereas African American children begin elementary school approximately 1 year behind Whites in vocabulary knowledge, they finish high school approximately 4 years behind Whites” (Lleras, 2008, p 887).

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