he strategies in job. Identify the required

he test case developed for online registration for course and tracking the application status, finally if the application selected pay the fees for the corresponding course, we will get incentives, if pay the amount by particular time interval.

Test Plan for Registration, Tracking, Incentives
Identify previous project data and the software components that should be tested.

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Listing the recommended test requirements.

Describe the testing strategies in job.

Identify the required resources and provide an estimate of the test efforts.

Listing the deliverable elements of the test activities.

Test Requirements
Perform the testing on use case specification, functional requirements, non-functional requirements that have been identified as targets for testing.

Unit Testing
User login and logout
Recovery password
Choose the department
Add the students
Update student
Course selection
View information
Checkout the input data at unit test
Text format
Integer, special and number format
The Unit and Integration System
Test Objective: Ensure Database access methods and processes function properly and without data corruption.

Technique: Invoke each database access method and process, seeding each with valid and invalid data.

Inspect the database to ensure the data has been populated as intended, all database events occurred properly, or review the returned data to ensure that the correct data was retrieved.

Completion Criteria: All database access methods and processes function as designed and without any data corruption.

Special Considerations: Testing may require a DBMS development environment or drivers to enter or modify data directly in the databases.

Processes should be invoked manually.

Small or minimally sized databases (limited number of records) should be used to increase the visibility of any non-acceptable events.

Integration Testing
Student information view
Course catalog
Course information view
Tracking of application
Payment details
System Testing
Student information
Payment & incentives
Test Objective: Ensure proper application navigation, data entry, processing, and retrieval.

Technique: Execute each use case, use case flow, or function, using valid and invalid data, to verify the following:
The expected results occur when valid data is used.

The appropriate error / warning messages are displayed when invalid data is used.

Each business rule is properly applied.

Completion Criteria: All planned tests have been executed.

All identified defects have been addressed.

Special Considerations: Access to the Wylie College UNIX Server and the existing Course Catalog System and Billing System is required.

User Acceptance Testing
Navigation through a sample set of screens.

conform to GUI standards
The Team Members
Test team leader
Test team manager
Test designer
Database tester
System tester


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