Having no laws on distracted driving, that would

Having traffic laws such as going the legal speed limit, being aware of your surroundings; stop lights, stop signs, etc. they’re very important to follow, not only for our personal safety, but for the safety of others. Following laws such as going the speed limit are so important on main roads and highways. According to http://asirt.

org/initiatives/informing-road-users/road-safety-facts/road-crash-statistics, in the United States over 37,000 people die in car accidents each year. If every single one of those crashes happened while going the legal speed limit, some of those people may not have died in that accident. Not only is going the speed limit important to lower the level of impact in that collision, but if someone were to run in front of your car or if another person were to ignore a stop sign or stoplight, you will still have reaction time to try and stop your car from hitting the person or car.”According to the US Department of Transportation, 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 injured in crashes involving a distracted driver in the United States each day.” If there were no laws on distracted driving, that would be a huge mistake, because there would be people who are always driving with their phone in their hand; texting their friends, talking on the phone, changing a song, etc. People would be so careless of other lives they are putting in danger. Having laws for distracted driving is very important. Not only is an example of distracted driving paying attention to your phone, but also paying attention to anything else but the road, stop signs, stop lights, or crosswalks you could possibly be approaching.

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You may be paying too much attention to traffic signs, the passenger, grabbing something from the floor of your car that may have fallen, eating, or even taking pictures and videos while driving. It is common to mistake the term “distracted driving” mostly for the use of phones while driving, but the truth is that the most common distraction is focusing too much on the passenger. You should not allow passengers who are being too rowdy in your car. Not only could you end up with a ticket, but it’s also a huge distraction that puts yours and others lives at risk. Reckless driving is a very important law to follow. When you get into your car it is your own choice whether to follow these laws or to not follow them. It is obvious which decision you should make, but sometimes we as drivers forget about the safety of our own, and the safety of others while driving.

Some people just don’t care to even pay attention to these laws, and they drive recklessly, not paying attention to the road, traffic signs, or other vehicles. It is common for the most reckless drivers to feel like they are the best drivers, because they may get place to place faster than others, and weave in and out of traffic smoother than others would. The truth is they’re just more careless of them self and others. Lots of teenagers love to race in their cars down busy streets, and their biggest fear isn’t even the lives they could take, but the only thing that would slow them down is seeing a cop. What if there was a child crossing the street not checking to see if anyone was coming, or if a car would turn in front of them, not realizing how fast they are truly going.

A bad habit a lot of driver carry recklessly is road rage. It is too easy to get involved in road rage, and too easy to not focus on the road. 56% of crashes in the United States are caused due to road rage. “Aggressive driving or road rage is more likely to cause severe injuries or fatal accidents.” It is important to have patience while driving, not everyone drives like you, and we have all made an accidental mistake while driving.

While driving it is important to remember is that road rage can me deadly, so keeping your cool and understanding it’s not worth it is probably the best choice for you and the other driver. One of the most dangerous reckless driving examples, is driving drunk. It is too common for people to feel like they have everything under control while being drunk just because they made it home safely once or twice, and that’s not the case. If a cop were to see you swerving you could be pulled over and get a DUI, you could be arrested at the scene and have to pay a fine, that is if you’re lucky. There is so much worse that could happen while driving drunk. “According to National statistics, an average of 12,000 people die every year in DUI-related accidents”. There are so many lives taken from drunk drivers, and honestly it’s not fair. So having a law to give people a fear of getting a DUI, and having to go to a program, pay a fee and losing your license for a year is something that’s very important.

Obeying all traffic laws and regulations are very important so you stay safe and others stay protected. Following traffic laws could reduce car accidents and the number of deaths that comes with it. It is so important to be aware of what the traffic laws are, and what they contain of, but it is more important to genuinely care about them and to genuinely care about the safety of yourself and the safety of others. To drive with care, and understanding the danger of driving is a very crucial part of driving you should be aware of.

If a person does not care to obey traffic safety, I don’t feel like that person should be able to have a license at all, considering they are not only putting themself at risk of danger, but innocent pedestrians and drivers. It is not okay to be so reckless while driving. If you were to accidentally take a person’s life, from a bad decision you wouldn’t only be taking a random person’s life, you would also be taking someones mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, etc. driving isn’t all about you or about you at all. Driving is one of the most important times to be selfless.

Following traffic laws also keeps houses and cars of others in good condition, it is common to hear about a collision involving a car and a house or public building, not only will you be damaging lots of other people’s property but you will be fined for all of it, and you could kill many people in that building or house. In general not following traffic laws is totally ignorant and selfish to do to yourself and others. These laws are very important to follow no matter who you are, but being part of the army we should follow the traffic laws ten times more, and ten times more precisely than everyone else.

We set the example for our country, if we show that we are not following it, why should regular people on the roads follow it. We are the leaders of this country and we should prove it by being the lead example for all of the citizens or even upcoming soldiers. The laws we follow are very important laws, and we should follow them with everything we have. Families who live on base are already dealing with a lot due to their loved ones being away, they shouldn’t have to fear for their safety or their families safety by other people not being safe and not following laws. At lot of what we do as soldier will be imitated since we are seen as the leaders. If we don’t follow the traffic rules and regulations, will the people looking up to us follow them? We as leaders should always be making a positive decisions, and decisions that will benefit us and our country in the future.

We should be a good influence on anyone who wants to follow what we do and how we do it. We have had good examples set for us to follow, and now it’s up to us to set good examples for others to follow, whether it be on the street or in our cars. If we get in an accident on the road with it being our fault, it makes us look bad and it makes us look like we are not good leaders, we should know to follow rules and guidelines well enough. We shouldn’t be careless on the road, we should be as selfless as possible, making sure not to be distracted, or going over the speed limit while driving. We should watch for pedestrians, follow all traffic rules, and be completely aware of everything we should be aware of.

We need to make the choice of a responsible driver, and think about others before ourselves. Being a soldier, there’s more eyes on us, we need to be cautious and alert on the roads, we need to be responsible leaders.


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