Have that I watch the Philadelphia Flyers. When

Have you ever watched a sporting event that you get so excited that you’re dancing around the
room? Well, that is how I get every time that I watch the Philadelphia Flyers. When one game
finishes, I can’t wait till the next one starts. I’m going to share with you just a little bit about the Flyers
history in the NHL and their future. May you also at the end be watching and enjoying them too!
Hockey is an all-American sport, up with football, baseball and soccer. In my speech I want to
share with you a little about how the Flyers got started and the changes they went through, when and
how they won two Stanley Cups and what is in store for them in the upcoming years.

I’m going to start my speech with a little history. Hockey was not high on peoples sports list in
the city of Philadelphia since they already had the Phillies, Eagles and Sixers. But the owner of Comcast
Spectacor Ed Snider had a vision, he wanted the NHL franchise to be in the city. The story goes that he
had this vision while in Boston. While visiting Boston gardens, Mr. Snider saw people waiting outside the
arena for a Boston Bruins game, and it showed him how dedicated and loving their fans were to the
city, it made him think that this is what he wanted to do for the city of Philadelphia. His dream came
true in 1965 when the NHL had an Expansion for the upcoming season, adding teams to Pittsburg, St.
Louis, Los Angles, and Philadelphia. With the season fast approaching the team needed a name. Ideas
came in the form of “Quakers”, “Sabres” and many more, but a contest was given out to local school
districts to pick a name for the team, and a young boy, named Alex Stockyard (“Flyers History: How the
team was named.” www.NHLcom) chose the name “Flyers”. For the first few seasons the Flyers would
call the “Spectrum” home, where they would also win one of their two Stanley Cups. Than in 1996 they
moved to the Wells Fargo Center where they play now.

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Now that we know a little about the history and how they got to the NHL let me share with you about
the Stanley Cup and how they won them. The Stanley Cup is a trophy named after Lord Stanley of
Preston, he gave it to Canada in the 1890. The trophy is 125 years old (“Stanley Cup has an Incredible
History” www NHL.com). On the trophy is everyone’s name that ever won it. Since
1910 this has been an achievement in the NHL, it’s a goal for every team to win it. In the 1974-
75 season of the Flyers, this would dramatically change the way the flyers would
play for futures to come. They were dubbed the “Broad Street Bullies” for their absolute rough play style
and fighting mentality (“Flyers History” www.flyershistory .com) With a roster of players such as
Bobby Clarke, Bill Barber, Rick MacLeish, goaltender Bernie Parent and head coach Fred Shero, the
team went 50-16-12 in the regular season, having high hopes in the postseason. As the season wore
down and the Flyers eliminated the Atlanta Flames and New York Rangers in the first and second round,
the team only had one more task at hand, and that was with the Boston Bruins. On May 19, 1974 the
Philadelphia Flyers won their first Stanley Cup. They defeated the Bruins with a score of 1- 0 in
game six of the series. (Flyers History www.flyershistory.com) Thanks to the goal tender
Bernie Parent they had a shutout and because of his efforts he got an award for his dedication.
The second Stanley Cup came on March 27, 1975 against the Sabres. They had the home ice advantage (www.NHL.com) The goalie, Parent, had another shutout with a score of 2 – 0. The fans said that they felt that the goalie did better this time than last Stanley Cup playoff.

The Flyers won the Stanley Cup 2 times, with all the changes and new rules can they do it again? The first major change they have overtook since they have started is their uniforms. The team has always been known for their orange, white and black colors.(Flyers History www.flyershistory.com) The logo has been with them since they started in 1967, it has a “P” with wings that stands for Philadelphia and an orange dot representing a hockey puck, (www.sportslogo.com) this been a staple thing since the beginning of the franchise and is one of the most recognizable sports logos ever created. This would become the most recognizable logo of the NHL. They made a few changes to their uniforms over the years but there were no major changes in the overall look. Since rules were changed they did change their knee pads that I will explain soon. Looking over the years and all the rule changes it gets harder and harder to follow. A few of the changes that were needed over the years were, if a player loses his helmet while in play he must leave the ice. They have also changed rules on equipment, the hockey stick went from a curve of 1 ½ inches to 1 inch, and they have changed the goalie’s pad to a different size. In an article I read on (“A look at NHL’s Rule Changes” www.ESPN.com) they went over a few rule changes like, a game will no longer go into a tie, a goalie will no longer be able to roam the ice and play the puck anywhere behind the goal line. There have been so many more changes over the years the list keeps going on and on.
The news for the future looks good for the Flyers, they just signed three new goalies which put them at four now. (What Felix Sandstrom’s contract means for Flyers’ goalies www.nbcsports.com) One important thing in the Flyers future is the new players are younger and can stand much more than the older ones. They have a lot of challenges coming up like new players, caps on wages and getting everything back in line, but they feel that in the next three years they will be Stanley Cup Champions again. (What Felix Sandstrom’s contract means for Flyers’ goalies www.nbcsports.com) I hope that I have given everyone enough information and suspense that it will draw you in and cheer on the Philadelphia Flyers!
The Philadelphia Flyers have been around since 1967, they have gone through a lot of changes but still they are one of the best teams in the NHL. I gave this speech to share things that people do not know about the Philadelphia Flyers in hope that they will find it as fun as I do cheering them on. Hope you all go away with a bit of intrigue about hockey and want to watch a Philadelphia Flyers game to see if what I talked about is true.
When you were a little kid and went into candy store, the excitement was so overwhelming. The smell and all the candy just over took all your senses. This is the way it is attending the Philadelphia Flyers game. Hope you all enjoyed and are as excited as I am to watch the next Flyers game. GO FLYERS!


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