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Have you ever heard of the term bloatware? In layman’s term, bloatware is a preloaded application that’s already installed on your smartphone. All of the smartphones in the market has this application. If you’re using an LG G7, your phone is not an exception.The cool thing is that you can add new pages on the home screen of your LG G7. With this, you can place more applications and widgets on it according to your preferences. Not only it’ll help you quickly access the applications you frequently use, it also maximizes the usage of the features of your LG G7.If you’re one of the users who want to know the process of adding a new page on your LG G7’s home screen, you came to the right place. Adding a new page on your home screen will also enable you to organize the applications, lessen the amount of cluttering and increase your productivity when using your home screen. One great thing about this feature is that you’re able to quickly eliminate or delete the pages you want to appear on your LG G7. So without further ado, let’s now go to the steps on how to add or delete pages on your LG G7’s home screen.Adding a Page on the LG G7’s HomescreenFirst, open your smartphone. Afterwards, head for the home screen. Once you’re there, long press the left soft key button. Oce you have pressed the button, the home screen will be resized into a little menu with several options appearing on the screen. After that, browse through the ready-made home screen page. Upon arriving at the right-edge part of the screen, you’ll see a page with a plus-sign in the middle. Press that symbol. Afterwards, an additional page shall be added to your LG G7’s home screen. Alternative Method of Adding Page Open your smartphoneLong press any blank area on your LG G7’s homescreenPress the “Page” on the menu that will show up on your screen Removing Unwanted Pages on your LG G7’s HomescreenOpen your smartphoneGo to the Homescreen then long press the “Recent” buttonLong press the screen you wanted to be deleted. Drag it into the trashcan icon that can be found at the upper part of the screenOnce you have done the steps catered above, you’ll be able to add or delete a page on your LG G7’s homescreen. You are now free to edit and organize the content of it and increase your productivity when using your phone!


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