Happy earn status, better image, higher pay

Happy workers are productive workers, this report is commonly true. This idea was engendered in the late 1930s & 1940s. So after that period managers irritated to make their staffs happy by as long as good working conditions & a better environment in the workplace. An employee by doing a good job will earn status, better image, higher pay level, and probabilities for promotion. If an organization wants to keep his employees happy, then this organization should cosset itself in the employee welfare events. Welfare activities may include health benefits for the employees and for his family, education to the children of workers . The manager can also give incentives and rewards to the workers for good behavior and good work done by them. The worker’s satisfaction parameters are worked itself, pay, raise, superintendents, co-workers, and working conditions. So a worker first of all will look at his work or job profile, if he is not satisfied with the job or work then he cannot work for the achievement of the organization’s goals. Then comes the pay scale he is getting must be satisfactory because of each and everything on the earth he has to purchase for survival, whether it is an education for his children, consulting doctor, having food and shelter, spending money on clothes or for travel. After that supervisors and co-workers came. The workers work together to achieve all the goals. So there should be a good understanding and cooperation among them. Thus, all the workers need a good environment in the organization. If they felt they are not pleased then, they will absolutely think about exchanging the present job. Thus it is the duty of managers to make their workers happy. The incentive is a reward or recognition


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