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HappinessHappiness is different for every single person around the world because every person has to find their own happiness for themselves and they have to make it out of whatever they have in this world and whatever they do. There is a lot of people that struggle to find happiness because they have to find what makes them happy and that takes a while for people because they have to go through struggles to find it.It is hard for people to find happiness because also everyone lives in different condition and different parts of the world, which means that they have different stuff, some are rich and others are poor. The different situations makes it hard because not everyone has the same things to find what they need. Everyone needs happiness in life because being happy is a fuel to life, it is what makes people keep living life and makes do a lot in life. Someone being happy makes them create change in the world because they feel like everyone should be happy also and that they should live a good life.A lot of people have to earned happiness and work hard for it because as I said before it’s not easy to gain or to find. Those who work for it are the ones who truly understand what happiness is and what it means. Some people can say that happiness comes and goes because there is people that lose what they love and become a person that has anger and sad at the same time in them. For example, a person can be something that makes another person happy and if that person leaves or eventually dies, it makes the other person sad and miss them. Happiness is something super valuable to a lot of people and it means a lot to them.I don’t think anyone could ever live without happiness because no one could ever live a life being mad at everyone because that’s not good for anyone. Everyone has to at least once be happy and experience what happiness is and how it changes them. Because happiness does change a person, they feel more motivated to do things in their daily life, Happiness is an active process, and not something you get by sitting back and waiting. The nature of happiness is for a human being to have a life that they will enjoy in till their death, for example there’s people all over the world who have different types of lives and they are in different conditions that they are living in and are still happy with how they live. Happiness is sometimes bad for most people because they could have all the happiness they want, but could end up being unhappy. There’s something different in each person that makes them happy in a different way, in the movie that we watched we saw different stories from different people and they all lived in different parts of the world. They were all happy with what they with them, a lot of things had happened to them, they struggled, work hard, and still were happy for everything. The nature of happiness comes from you, if you want to be successful, then you’ll be happy. We can say that there is a primary source for happiness, there could be people that have the same source to find their happiness. I think the primary source of happiness is based on your state of mind rather than what is going on around you. If you manage to keep a positive state of mind when going through bad things, your overall happiness will improve. It improves because you see the struggle you’re going through and once you’re out of it, you’ll be proud of yourself overcoming the negativity. Maintaining happiness is hard at times because you have to it’s all a mental process, meaning that you decide if you keep your happiness or decide if you want someone or something else to make you be happy.  


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