GUJARAT 168084533655 CERTIFICATE This is to certify

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITYChandkheda, AhmedabadAffiliatedVADODARA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING A Report onFinger Tip Mouse ControllerUnder subject ofDESIGN ENGINEERING – 2AB.E III, Semester – 5COMPUTER ENGINEERINGSubmitted by:Group:15102 Sr No. Name Enrollment No 1. Desai Darsh 160800107018 2. Dubey Snehal 160800107021 3. Meet Bhalodia 160800107035PROF. DHAVAL PATEL(Faculty Guide)PROF.

AJAYSINH RATHOD(Head Of The Department) Academic year(2018-2019)VADODARA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERINGCOMPUTER ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT2018-2019168084533655CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that the Project entitled Fingertip controlled mouse has been carried out by Meet R. Bhalodia (160800107035), Dubey A. Snehal (160800107021), Desai D. Darsh (160800107018) under my guidance in fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering 5th Semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad during the academic year 2018-19.Date: Place: Guided By:Head of the Department: Prof.Dhaval PatelProf.Ajaysinh RathodACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt is very difficult to express our feelings and we feel short of words for those who have contributed a lot in our training and provided their invaluable cooperation to us. Many people have helped, provided direction as well as technical information and it is our pleasure to acknowledge our debt to the many people involved directly or indirectly involved in development of this project.

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Our deep sense of gratitude is extended to Prof. Dhaval Patel whose continuous Encouragement, suggestion, and constructive criticism have been invaluable assets throughout the project work. We would like to offer special thanks to Vadodara Institute of Engineering for helping us to build ourcareer and laying down a platform, which will help us to build a career in software industry. ABSTRACTFingertip controlled mouseBy providing a device, the Fingertip controlled mouse it will be easy to handle the movement of cursor in any computer system.

It will be easier for presenters and entrepreneurs to manipulate their presentations far away from the system at the time of delivering speech or presentations. More further the product will be more useful in the field of gaming by putting this system onto their heads. The Virtual reality devices can adopt this mechanism for their product development. INDEX No. Title Page no. 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2.

AEIOU CANVAS 2.1 activities 2.2 environment2.3 interaction2.4 objects2.5 users 2 3. EMPATHY MAPPING 3.1 users 3.

2 stockholder 3.3 activities 3.4 story boarding 3 4.

IDEATION CANVAS 4.1 people 4.2 activities 4.

3 situation/context/location 4.4 props/possible solutions 45. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 5.1 purpose 5.2 people 5.

3 components 5.4 product experience 5.5 product functions 5.6 product features 5.7 customer revalidation 5.

8 reject/redesign 56. LEARNING NEEDS MATRIX 67. MIND MAPPING CANVAS 78. PROTOTYPE MODEL 8 9. 10. CONCLUSIONREFERENCES 910 Introduction of your domain/project Fingertip controlled mouseThe sole purpose of the Fingertip controlled mouse is to control the movement of cursor in any computer far from the system. It will be easier for presenters and entrepreneurs to manipulate their presentations far away from the system at the time of delivering speech or presentations.

More further by arranging this system on the head the product will be more useful in the field of gaming. Hence by controlling the movement of head we can simulate the visual effects of games.The Virtual reality devices can adopt this mechanism for their product development.2. AEIOU CANVAS Describes: – It is a framework that includes Activities, Environment, Interaction, Object and User.2.1 Activity284012734033Problem SolvingAutomationUser Operating2.

2 EnvironmentOfficesUniversityPrivate SectorInteractionEntrepreneurPresenterTeachersFig 2.1: AEIOU CanvasObjectsARDUINO NANOMPU 6050AccelerometerGyro SensorUsersProfessionalsStudentsSite plannersGamers3. EMPATHY MAPPING Describes: – This exercise allows us to better analyse the desires and needs of the users like student’s faculties and in the process uncover previously unseen or noticed ways to improve a service.

it’s a very simplistic way to identify and reduce the potential hurdles, we are better able to please our customer.27686871035053.1 UsersProfessionalsStudentsSite plannersGamers3.2 StockholdersDeveloperDesignerSupplier3.3 ActivityProblem Solving Fig 3.1: Empathy Mapping CanvasAutomationUser Operating3.4 Story boardingHappy Story:Once a gamer was playing a game, he was getting successful results by using “Finger Tip Controlled Mouse”.

It was easy for him to operate his system sitting far away from his system. He enjoyed a lot winning at most causes.Sad Story:Once a typist was using the fingertip-controlled mouse and was getting little bit difficulties in typing with the fingers which are engaged with the mouse sensor.4. IDEATION CANVAS Describes: – An ideation canvas is a rough whiteboard where idea can be stretched into any limits ordimensions. The ideation canvas sheet includes:4.1 People:Professionals2770887146828StudentsSite plannersGamersActivityProblem SolvingAutomationUser OperatingSmooth WorkingSituation/Context/LocationOfficesUniversityPrivate SectorIndustriesLaboratory Fig 4.1: Ideation CanvasProps/Tools/Objects:AccelerometerGyro SensorBattery BackupClosed Feedback SystemAutomation5.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVAS Describes: – Production canvas is the over view of the product we are making. In this we will start building a structure of our product around the need of the users. It is a strategic product planning tool that allows us to quickly capture, describes, and pivot our product strategy on a single page.Purpose:EffortlessComfortEfficient2303145175874People:ProfessionalsGamers5.

3 Components:AccelerometerArduino 5.4Product Experience:Quick ResponseBetter Performance5.5 Product Functions:Easy to handleSmooth Functioning Fig 5.1: Product Development CanvasProduct Features:Less time consumptionCircuitry ControlledCustomer Revalidation:More CompactProduct FlexibilityReject/Redesign:ExpensiveResponsive Design6. LEARNING NEEDS MATRIX CANVAS Describes: -Learning Needs Matrix help us to identify the learning requirements at an early stage along with prioritization of specific learning along with defined time allocation for each learning priority.

0-444500 Fig 6.1: Learning Needs Matrix Canvas7. MIND MAPPING CANVASDescribes: -“A mind map is a visual representation of hierarchical information that includes a central idea surrounded by connected branches of associated topics”. Mind mapping is a highly effective way of getting information in and out of your brain. Mind mapping is a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally “maps out” your ideas. 113007247119 Fig 7.

1: Mind Mapping Canvas8. PROTOTYPE MODEL16343112395Fig 8.1: Prototype Model9. CONCLUSION: – The Project “Fingertip controlled mouse” has been successfully designed and tested. We are striving to make this device an invaluable resource for citizens and professionals by providing it as open source. It will be get used in almost whole market under a short period of time.

Professionals will be get more help by using this kind of device. Moreover, this concept can be more innovative in the field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 10. REFERENCES: – https://en.wikipedia.



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