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GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Chandkheda, Ahmedabad Affiliated Vadodara Institute of Engineering Kotambi, Vadodara A Project Report On E-TOLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Under subject of DESIGN ENGINEERING – 2A B. E. III, Semester – V (Computer Engineering Branch) Submitted by: Group Id: 15384 Sr. no. Name of Students Enrolment No. 1 Vinayak Inamdar 160800107023 2 Kartik Jain 160800107024 3 Akhilesh Kushwaha 160800107030 Prof. Dimple Kanani Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod (Faculty Guide) (Head of the Department) Academic year (2018-19)ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is very difficult to express our feelings and we feel short of words for those who have contributed a lot in our training and provided their invaluable cooperation to us.

Many people have helped, provided direction as well as technical information and it is our pleasure to acknowledge our debt to the many people involved directly or indirectly involved in development of this project. Our deep sense of gratitude is extended to Prof. Dimple Kanani whose continuous Encouragement, suggestion, and constructive criticism have been invaluable assets throughout the project work. We would like to offer special thanks to Vadodara Institute of Engineering for helping us to build our career and laying down a platform, which will help us to build a career in software industry. Sincerely, Vinayak Inamdar (160800107023) Kartik Jain (160800107024) Akhilesh Kushwaha (160800107030)INDEX Chapter Title Page no. 1.

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CONCLUSION 13LIST OF FIGURES Title Page no. 2.1.1 AEIOU Summary 2 3.1.

1 Empathy Mapping canvas 5 4.1.1 Ideation canvas 7 5.1.1 Product Development Canvas 9 6.1.1 Mind Mapping Canvas 10 7.1.

1 Learning Needs Matrix 11 8.1.1 Prototype Model 12Vadodara Institute of Engineering, Kotambi Computer Engineering 2018-19 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project entitled E-Toll MANAGEMENT has been carried out by Vinayak Inamdar (160800107023), Kartik Jain (160800107024), Akhilesh Kushwaha (160800107030) under my guidance in fulfillment of Design Engineering-2(A) in Computer Engineering 5th Semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad during the academic year 2018- 2019. Date: __________ Place: __________ Prof. Dimple Kanani Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod (Faculty Guide) (Head of the Department) (External Examiner)ABSTRACT Electronic toll collection aims to eliminate the delay on toll roads, HOV lanes, toll bridges and toll tunnels by collecting tolls without cash and without requiring cars to stop. Electronic toll booths may operate alongside cash lanes so that drivers who do not have transponders can pay a cashier or throw coins into a receptacle.

With cashless tolling ,cars without transponders are either excluded or pay by plate-a bill may be mailed to the address where the car’s license plate number is registered or drivers may have a certain amount of time to pay with a credit card by phone. Open road tolling is a popular form of cashless tolling without toll booths cars pass electronic readers even at highway speeds without the safety hazard and traffic bottlenecks created by having to slow down to go through an automated toll booth lane.VIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 1 1. Introduction 1.1 PROJECT SUMMARY Electronic toll collection systems provide a simple solution for a state-wide approach to tolling Because ETC systems can reduce or eliminate the delays commonly associated with traditional toll roads, they have gained high acceptance rates among motorists. A more sophisticated approach to ETC, that has been shown to be extremely reliable in collecting tolls while at the same time increasing throughput is open road tolling(ORT).

Agencies implementing ETC systems need to select technologies that fit within their budget but at the same time address their needs. These lessons have been developed based on current ETC practices around the world. 1.Implement automatic vehicle identification as a fast and reliable method to collect tolls.

Automatic vehicle identification(AVI) involves the transmission of an identification code between a transponder in the vehicle and a roadside reader. The transponders contain basic information including an identification number toll facility vehicle type, etc. For etc, the vehicle identification number is linked to the customer’s account from which the appropriate toll is automatically deducted, or the customer is billed Recently, policy considerations have suggested that lower-emissions vehicles should pay reduced tolls. The identification of such “green” vehicles can be accomplished through the use of AVI. 2.

Increase throughput at tolling facilities by implementing open road tolling. Open road tolling (ORT) is the collection of tolls by purely electronic means. ORT provides the technological approach to enabling the use of pricing for traffic management without requiring vehicles to stop and pay a toll.VIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 2 2. AEIOU CANVAS AEIOU is a method to help and interpret observations gathered by practice in surroundings.

Its two primary functions are to code data, and to develop building blocks of models that will ultimately address the objectives and issues of a client. 2.1 Activities (A):- ? Store information ? Administrator information ? Toll database ? Customer data ? Maintain server 2.2 ENVIROMENT (E):- ? Servers ? Computers ? Security ? Ethernet connection ? Room ? Colling system 2.3 INTERACTIONS (I):- ? Admin ? Staff ? GPS ? Account information ? Customer 2.

4 OBJECTS (O):- ? LAN wires ? Servers ? AC ? Computers ? Ethernet ? Room ? Domain 2.5 USER (U):- ? Admin ? Staff ? Customer ? Travellers ? DriversVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 3 Fig 2.1.1 AEIOU SummaryVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 4 3. EMPATHY MAPPING In this sheet we have mainly discuss the various aspects of the products and its users. It mainly consists of various activities that are related with the product and the function of the various people or user that are related with the product or using the product features into their work. 3.

1 Activity: ? Store information ? Administrator information ? Toll database ? Customer data ? Maintain server 3.2 Stakeholder: ? Admin ? Staff Person ? Web Developer ? Technician 3.3 User: ? Admin ? Staff ? Customer ? Travellers ? Drivers 3.4 Story boarding:- HAPPY STORY: 1) Once upon a time there was a businessman want’s to go Mumbai in emergency but due to traffic he was scared and he uses our E-Toll application and he was not waited in line and he reaches to his destination without any problem. 2) One day a traveller was a trip to Goa and he does not have to money to pay in toll road so, he used our application and paid and reach to his destination and become happy. SAD STORY: 1) Once upon a time, due to many drivers waiting in a toll there occur technical fault in the computer of toll booth traffic jam was caused as a result and so the people had to wait for long time. 2) Once in national highway Toll road the number of toll booth available were less in number so, due to many vehicles coming through toll road, there was occurring a delay in payment of respective charges while passing through toll booth and people had to wait.VIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 5 Fig 3.

1.1 Empathy Mapping CanvasVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 6 4. IDEATION CANVAS An ideation canvas is a rough whiteboard where idea can be stretched into any limits or dimensions. 4.1 People: ? Admin ? Staff ? Customers ? Designers ? Developer 4.2 Activity: ? Store information ? Administrator information ? Toll database ? Customer data ? Maintain server 4.3 Situation/context/location: ? Server down ? Cyber attack ? Transaction error ? Improper atmosphere ? Fake information ? Traffic 4.

4 Possible solution: ? Powerful server ? Better payment facilities ? Regular update ? Maintain InformationVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 7 Fig 4.1.1 Ideation canvasVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 8 5. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVAS Production canvas is the over view of the product we are making. In this we will start building a structure of our product around the need of the users. It is a strategic product planning tool that allows us to quickly capture, describes, and pivot our product strategy on a single page.

5.1 Purpose: ? To develop website ? To provide better services ? To explore in technical field ? Process fast ? Save time 5.2 People ? Admin ? Staff ? Customers ? Designers ? Developer 5.3 product experience ? Better features ? Alternative website ? Good network facilities ? Different payment options ? Saving time ? Fast process 5.

4 product function ? Fast access ? Save time ? Enquiry for user ? Enquiry for toll ? Enquiry for payment ? Enquiry for services 5.5 product features ? Fast process ? Secure application ? Online payment facilities ? Online user registration ? Provides feedback form ? Better network ? Eligible for all 5.6 components ? LAN wires ? ServersVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 9 ? AC ? Computers ? Ethernet ? Room ? Domain ? Some instruments 5.7 customer revalidation ? Colour of website ? Feedback box ? Provide better n/w ? Updating of website 5.8 Reject, Redesign, Retain ? Cyber attack ? Fake information Fig 5.1.

1 Product DevelopmentVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 10 6. MIND MAPPING CANVAS Fig 6.1.1 Mind Mapping CanvasVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 11 7. LEARNING NEEDS MATRIX Learning Needs Matrix help us to identify the learning requirements at an early stage along with prioritization of specific learning along with defined time allocation for each learning priority. Fig 7.

1.1 Learning Needs MatrixVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 12 8. PROTOTYPE MODEL Fig 8.1.1 Prototype ModelVIE (GROUP ID: 15384) VIE (CE) Page | 13 8. CONCLUSION:- We have concluded constructing this project that the E-toll application made by us will serve as one of the useful application as it aims to eliminate the delay on toll roads, toll bridges and tunnels by collecting tolls without cash and without requiring cars to stop.

As a result Electronic toll collection system reduces overall toll- collection costs increases data quality and reduces traffic congestion fuel consumption on toll bridges. REFERENCES: –


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