Group the Applied Mathematics – application of math

Group 17-20 Leader: Esusan
1 FSM-A Members: Deocareza
Dela Cruz

Nature of Mathematics
Mathematics is in everything we do. We see it every day, we use it every day. It has an important part in our daily lives because we literally use it every single time, even when we are baking some goodies since we need to measure everything and of course even budgeting our allowances. It is something we learn in school and it is something we can apply in our daily lives. We use mathematics as a tool that make use of number in different forms.
Mathematics reveals hidden patterns that helps us understand the world around us. Because of its abstractness, mathematics is universal in a sense that other fields of human thought are not. As a practical matter, mathematics is a science of pattern and order.
First Branch: Algebra
According to the video we’ve watched, Algebra is under the pure mathematics – abstract concepts, pure reasoning, direct application. It contains the rules of having a manipulation to equations. These are some examples of algebraic equation:
(x+3) (x-12) =0
We chose Algebra, because it helps the students to be more prepared in their college. The problem-solving, critical-thinking skills and being proficient with algebra can also help the students to easily understand and grasp other branch of math. Studying this branch of mathematics is important because the techniques that are taught in algebra provides the student a foundation for the higher-level math like geometry and trigonometry.

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Second Branch: Biomathematics
Mathematics is also used in natural sciences. One example of it is the Biomathematics which is under the Applied Mathematics – application of math in the real world. Biomathematics is more about evolutionary biology and it focused more on the problems in biology. Biomathematics is basically a combination of biology and mathematics that is used to understand a phenomenon in biology.
We chose this area because it is like hitting two birds with one stone because with this area you can easily understand a thing regarding to biology with the help of mathematics. Some questions or problems that are related to Biomathematics are: How many chickens there in a farm? Should fishing be restricted in some areas to rebuild the population?


Third Branch: Complex Analysis
For the final branch, our group chose complex analysis. According to the video, complex analysis is the practice of function with complex numbers. We chose this branch because this part of mathematics is somehow new to our ears and we found it interesting.
According to other sources, complex analysis is traditionally known as the theory of functions of a complex variable. It is the branch of mathematical analysis that investigates functions of complex numbers.



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