Greetings, sinister influence. Protecting ourselves from any attempt

Greetings, people! I’m proud to acquaint myself with all of you here, and I’d love to present my idea revolving the concept of toxic. It starts with a question. Do you ever have a circumstance where you have no desire to be a role in a drama but somehow you’re tangling in a complex relationship? Being manipulated for someone’s good? Framed by some rumormongers? I got to warn you, toxic is on you.

It can be severe, but it can be handle.Stay positive. Avoid negativity at best. We oppose negativity from draining our energy, robbing chances for us to be happy, or even taking over our life, and positivity is the best defense against sinister influence.

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Protecting ourselves from any attempt of domination is a large part in respecting ourselves. This particular group of person love to exert their pressure on people around them, sometimes not even a bystander is exempted to be in the list of their prey, due to either unbalanced mentality or simply thirst of power which is the work of vanity. Regardless of the reason for someone to be toxic, their intention is always malicious in any context. Being offended may motivate them to bring their toxicity further.

So, act otherwise. Repay the toxic individual with respect and kindness. At our first sight, we doubt the equality in this relation, intuitively.

Expressing it in a simpler way, they are not giving, but instead we do. Not a penny we’re earning mathematically. That’s a piece of perspective we’re given as freshman to the world, or perhaps it is a calculative part of human nature, and that’s how the world is like from frame of our mind, nothing less or more than a two-dimensional world. Our view is rather small and insular by stubbornly holding the one and only piece of perspective. Hence, cleverly adopt sense of perspective and broadening it at will, shall break us out from the monotony, while the pieces of perspective are veiled in act of kindness.

Judge no availability of new perspectives in act of kindness until we cross the boundaries we drawn for ourselves – we would never know how impactful our deeds can be. Infectivity of random act of kindness shall not be underestimated. In the conventional teachings of Confucius, it is believed that human was born with sense of humanity by default of nature, believing that toxicity lying in a character is curable. All human need is an inspiration that sparks their inner-most kindness. Rephrasing it in a more commonsensical way, consistent act of kindness towards the toxic individual awake their sense of guiltiness, bit by bit, we’re building them a great humane quality. In other word, be the inspiration and embrace the truthfulness of a new perspective: Be the change you want to see in this world. (Mahatma Gandhi, n.d.

) Back to our initial idea, what have we loss in this trade? Ignoring and move on. Some bullies are plain narcissistic. They listen to nobody and nothing revolves outside of their orbit. Our effort to condemn and confront such personality, through any sort of way, is mostly vain. Face-to-face interaction with egoistic individual may leave us vulnerable to unjustifiable empowerment. Criticizing their behavior escalates anger and unnecessary argument, but the winner is always certain: They won’t lose simply because they refuse to lose. Ultimately, we’re the one who plays victim.

When words are pointless in reaching consensus in a one-sided communication, saving faces of all is wiser. If you’re surrounded by such venom, what would you do?


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