Good neighbourhood networks in preventing abuse and protecting

Good practice demands the client is the central part in the process of care and is part of the decision making process. With respect to vulnerable adults, the Valuing People White Paper (2001) argued that the service users should be at liberty to plan their own lives, make their own choices and be involved in all decisions pertaining to their care. The ‘safeguarding adults’ national framework stating:1.

The partnership explicitly includes service users as key partners in all aspects of the work.2. Partner organisations build service user involvement into the design and delivery of safeguarding services.3.

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The policy is explicit in its promotion of the core values of promoting independence, respect, dignity and choice and interventions carried out under the procedures are consistent with this.4. Feedback is sought from all individual service users and carers about the delivery and outcomes of safeguarding work foe them. There is a mechanism for this feedback to inform improvements and developments.5.

The partnership is recognizes and promotes the value of community and neighbourhood networks in preventing abuse and protecting those who are at risk.


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