P.E as much as I don?t want to


P.E Reflection


            For my training, I did the runs that
Mr.Chee told us to do and I also did some basketball which helped to build up
my endurance and stamina for the run. These things helped me a lot for the run
because it helped me to keep a certain pace for majority of the run. If I were
to train again, I would probably do some more extra runs or more recreational
activities in order to stay alot more active and to make sure that I was
prepared for the race a 110%. While training, I tried my best to put as much
effort that I could into the running, I wanted to make sure that I beat my time
so that I did not have to do another run so I made sure that I was well
prepared for the race. I learned that I can run very long distances in a short
amount of time as long as I run and keep a certain pace (it is all about mental
strength). To a certain extent I have the self dicipline to train on my own
because sometimes I don?t feel like doing it at all but I make myself do it in
order to prepare for the run. I need to stop the habit of not wanting to do it
because if I don?t do it, it will make me slower and I will not be as prepared
for the run and this kind of relates to school work too because as much as I
don?t want to do it, I do it in order to make myself get good grades and be

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            Before the event, I felt alot of
nerves because for some reason all I could think about was “Am i going to beat
my time?” which made me even more nervous. During the race I felt pretty good
because I maintained a certain pace and ran pretty well. After the race, I felt
a lot of relief because I was very glad the race was over with but at the same
time I was very tired because it felt like the event was forever. What I liked
about the run was that there was alot of scenery but what I didn?t like was
that the run felt like it was taking forever to finish. To a certian extent I
did push myself because I kept telling myself that I was almost there even
though I was nowhere near the end at all (I basically pushed myself until I
felt I couldn?t run anymore). It felt pretty odd to run with people who didn?t
go to Kamehameha because it was not normal for me however, most of the people
were Kamehameha people. I warmed up by keeping at a pace for a certain amount
of time and then cooled down when I felt tired (to the point of exaustion). For
the remainder of the school year I will probably stay active through basketball
and runs.

            I think that the three wellness
factors that affected me this year include, physical, emotional and
intellectual. Physical has affected me alot this year because as I have been
doing basketball and the workouts for P.E, my body has been trying to adjust to
that which isnt a bad thing but it was just different than normal. Emotional affected
me because there has just been a lot of things going on, for example me moving
and a lot of school work and test that have somewhat stessed me out but slowly
I have been getting used to it. Intellectual affected me this year because as I
was learning more and more things, it made me learn more and more and I learned
things even about myself that I had never figured out yet. As I look back at my
training, I experienced changes in attiude because it helped me to take a
better apporoach to things and to not always be so sad about it. I also have
been getting more and more sleep because as I did the training I got more and
more used to sleeping a little earlier than I normally do.

            My goals for next year is to finish
with a faster time than I had this year because that shows that I am improving.
I will probably want to do a 5k, but if we have do a 10k, I would probably want
to do that. My goal time for next year if I do the 5k, is to beat a time of 30
minutes and if I do the 10k, I want to get under a hour. Over the summer I will
maintain my level of fitness by doing runs often because this will also help me
to prepare for basketball as well. I feel some desire to encourage people to
live a healthy lifestyle because it really helps you to feel better in honestly
all aspects of life such as well being and just overall in general. I will
probably always strive to do my best in whatever I do to better my well being
and I can also encourage my family and the people that I meet and know to do
this too so that they can have a better and helathier lifestyle.





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