“Globalization environment, and the two are intertwined and

“Globalization means a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology”.

CITATION The16 l 5129 (The Levin Institute, 2016) There’s no any country is sufficient in any needs and wants, they have to exchange products with other countries not only for the profit of the country but also building good relationship between countries. Globalization has a negative and positive impact on the environment, and the two are intertwined and complex. However, globalization has aggravated environmental issues, and on the other hand, globalization has provided a new perspective for solving environmental problems. In this report, I am going to write about the positive and negative impact of globalization on environment in hospitality and tourism industry. The positive effects of globalization has increase the standard and knowledge of worldwide. Due to the advancement of technology, many agencies have work out together to increase the protection of the environment. By using internet, they are able to communicate with each other easily such as new up to date emission or any information about the environmental index and data.

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This is one of the easier way to decrease the threat of global warming. “Through the effort of environmental agencies we as a world are now aware of the dangers of what we used to be everyday practices”. CITATION Eff16 l 5129 (Effects of Globalization on the environment, 2016) The other advantages is endless support to disaster’s victims. Disaster include tsunami, earthquake or drought. Through globalization, people outside the country are more likely to receive news more quickly and able to contribute what they can do for the victims such as donate cloths and money. Part of the donation can use for rebuild the ecological structure and also tourist area. The occurrence of disaster make people to have more awareness of the importance of taking care the environment no matter in own country or when travelling to the other countries. However, globalization has causes the negative impact on the environment.

Globalization lead global warming that include severe pollution around the world such as water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution and sound pollution. Those four pollutions lead to greenhouse effect. The global warming leads the weather become scorching hot. This means not only more intense major storms, floods and heavy snow fall but also longer and more frequent droughts. As the weather become warmer, the ice sheets such as Greenlane and Antartica are melting. The extra water that was once held in glaciers causes sea level to rise and spills out of the oceans, flooding coastal regions. This lead to serious floods which can cause death and damage to the low lying area such as resorts and airport.

Everyone know that taking care of environment is important. Action always speak louder than words. So, as a manager in a business or in hospitality and tourism industry, they should planning and conducting how they can implement the idea of environmental friendly to the establishment. In hotel business, manager should trained their staff by instilling the importance of maintaining the environment and how to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity, water and etc. Mainly most of the hotel using room card because when the guests walk out from the room, they should take off the room card and all the lights and air conditioning will be close.

This is a best and effective way to save electricity. Using paper cups and biodegradable plastic bag are important as these two products are mainly used in daily life. There’s a good example is NSIA Orange Café and Restaurant. If staffs bring their own cup, there’s no charge for coffee and without their own cup, there’s one dollar charge for the coffee. Furthermore, Cordis hotel by Langham has giving good role model in the hospitality industry in Auckland, New Zealand.

Cordis Hotel has joined the globally recognised Earth Check for 10 years continuously. “Each year, they confirm the green commitment by joining the global community in Earth Hour, turning off all non-essential lights to shine the light on climate change.” CITATION Cornd l 2052 (Cordis Auckland, n.d) Through this programme, they offer guests the options to re-use linen or towels. The benefit from this action has reduce the negative impact on the environment and set a good role model to the other hotel business around.


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