Global ,cow dung, petroleum also diesel systems

Global warming refers to the phenomenon which causes an elevation in the standard temperature due to the extreme climate changes that are taking place on our earth. Moreover, global warming is increasing day by day as the average temperature of Earth has increased dramatically since 1960 and it continues to increase during these years. Global warming is comprising of several environmental issues, it is not an issue that deals with only one single aspect. It has changed so many life forms on earth.

However there are several factors which are responsible for global warming, these are natural as well as man-made factors which are making the condition of our beautiful earth to a gloomy domicile.Although natural factors are the one over which we do not have any control or the one which we can not change by own. Methane gas is one of the biggest issues that give ascend to global warming.Basically it is the greenhouse gas which is released out from so many regions some of them are landfills, natural gas from earth’s surface ,cow dung, petroleum also diesel systems ,industrial waste process ,coal mining which is done for various purposes and last but not the least volcanic eruptions are the foremost issue which leads to global warming because only a single volcanic eruption it tends to release dense amount of ash and carbon dioxide to the surrounding which gives rise to solar radiation on earth. Additionally, Greenhouse gasses tend to trap the solar heat rays and halt it from to get away from the earth’s plane these gases are carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide.Man-made factors have been a very far-reaching as well as devastating issue nowadays because humans do not pay attention towards the earth’s degradation. We can also conclude that there are more human factors responsible for global warming than natural ones. Modern lifestyle of human is one of the biggest issues for our planet, it includes burning natural resources such as fossil fuels, deforestation, coal mining as well as producing industrial goods by polluting our environment and cattle rearing.

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In addition, Human have been wiping out trees for producing different things out of it such as producing papers, collecting timber and building houses from it.If humans won’t stop deforestation then we won’t have any tree left to absorb carbon dioxide and to produce fresh air which will nearly make our earth a deathbed to us. Since the industrial revolution started fossil fuels are used in every power machines which produces the high amount of harmful gases which makes the situation worse day by day. Besides all these factors transportation facilities such as cars, buses and scooters also produce carbon dioxide from the exhaust.

Mining traps the methane gas under the surface of the earth.There are various life-threatening effects of global warming which can destroy our earth after few years if global warming continues to increase. Some of them are warmer water, ice cap melting more hurricanes, earthquakes in addition to it more economic consequences.Furthermore, there will be a species loss of some habitat such as tropical frogs as well as polar bears will become extinct due to the high amount of changes in climate .some animals are not like humans who can adapt to the environmental changes.There are even chances that birds will migrate to some other places.

Although as glaciers will melt then there will be a sudden increase in the sea level of earth and some of the areas will be covered with water nevertheless it will not happen so quickly but slowly and level of water will steadily mount. Furthermore, as there will rise in hurricanes then it will destroy our houses and there will be a probability of more human deaths caused by hurricanes it will lead to diseases which will be caused by dead bodies. For covering up all the destruction government have to spend the huge amount on it which will lead to economic instability.There are so many solutions to tackle this problem. But human power should be combined with government rules and regulations to get the result. We should focus on reducing the use of electricity, gasoline as well as other activities which give the boom to greenhouse gases. Use public transportation as well as invest in a bicycle for visiting places, it has two benefits it will save cost as well as it will reduce harmful gases in our atmosphere.

People should opt for recycling to reduce plastic use, as a result, there will be less production rate of products which will lead to less chemical factory waste in our environment. People should buy some energy saving products as it will help to reduce some gases. The government should spread awareness among people regarding planting more and more trees as it will help to eliminate deforestation as well as diminish the earth’s surface temperature.Overall it is clear that global warming bomb is tickling over our heads which can explode any time so there is a need to heal our sick mother earth. Global warming is really a lethal phenomenality which should be stopped before it destroys us. Our generation should think about it because if they will not do anything about it then who will do? So let us take it as our responsibility and join our hands together so that our future generation will be safe.


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