Global and once with them saying “philosophers.”

         Global Markets and Strategies Rajwinder KaurStudent ID: 8202756Course no- MKT8030Professor-Richard CantinFebruary 1st 2018 ·        HarryPotter ( Harry Potter’s firstbook and movie that was written by author J.K. Rowling had first titled herbook as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone published in the year 1997 inUnited Kingdom  by Bloomsburry that is anindependent British publishing house for fiction and non-fiction books. But later in the year 1998 the title of thismovie and the book was changed to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone byScholastic Corporation and the movie was directed by Warner Bros who had boughtthe rights in 1999.

J.K. Rowling said inone of her interviews that she still regrets about the change and she wouldhave fought for it only if she was in a stronger position back then. Thechanges were made because children in United States wouldn’t buy that book withthe word “Philosopher” in it as it may sound boring and less magical.  The second reason of the name change is that AmericanHigh school children might get confused with the term Philosopher Stone whichis a mineral substance that changes metal into gold that has the power to curediseases.  Because of the name change, every scene inthe picture that said the word stone were taped twice, once with performerssaying “sorcerers” and once with them saying”philosophers.

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” Same for the book – “philosophers” was changedwith “sorcerer’s”, alongside other altering to reflect diverseBritish/American spelling contrasts.  Thelast I find inquisitive, since the book/film really happens in England.The movie and the book were attached by manyreligious groups because it was considered to promote witchcraft. ·        ThatAwkward Moment & Are We Officially Dating.

  The awkward moment is an American movie releasedin the year 2013 is a romantic, comedy and also a drama film. This movie had a completelydifferent marketing strategy for it audience in Australia the movie was renamedas We are Officially Dating. In America it was targeted towards young males,whereas in Australia it was marketed mostly for ladies or a Valentine’s Dayspecial movie.

Changesmade to the posters Leading three male actors names are given onthe poster whereas in the American poster, whereas for the Australian posterthe Lead Couples name.American poster has a catcher/phrase in theposter “getting some means wanting more” and on the other hand the Australianposter does not. Thetitle for the Australian poster is more romantic than the American poster whichis more of a funny phase in it. The backgrounds as well as very differentfrom in other. In which it has an autumn looking background and the other justa plain blue wall and three men sitting on the orange sofa.Release dates are also very different fromeach other.

In American it was released on 31st January and inAustralian a day before Valentine’s Day. Why thechanges were made?As this movie did not do well in the UnitedStates the makers of this movie had a new marketing strategy to release it inAustralia with a new title and changing the lead actors on the posters makingit look more romantic and a movie that is targeted mainly for lovers, and itwas also released a day before Valentine’s Day trying to give it a new outlookand to attract young couples. But unfortunately the Australian Audience did notenjoy the movie giving it below average ratings. 


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