Giant points. Furthermore covalent bonding can’t conduct electricity

Giant ionic substancesSodium chloride which are formed by ionic bonding can also form a giant ionic structure to produce lattice network. Giant ionic contain high melting point and boiling points and can conduct electricity only when molten or dissolved into the water and the trend of giant ionic is solid at room temperature. Comparing the properties of ionic and covalent substances: Covalent bond state is gases, liquid or low-melting solids and low melting and boiling points whereas ionic bond state is crystals solids and high melting and boiling points. Furthermore covalent bonding can’t conduct electricity however ionic bonding conduct electricity only when dissolved into the water or molten. Ionic bonding is a type of bonding formed by electrostatic attraction between to oppositely charged atoms.

This type of bond happens between metals and non-metals in contrast covalent bonding is formed between two non-metals which is described by sharing pairs of electrons between to atoms.

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