GERMAIN Tony GraciaOttumwa Regional Hospital Center 1001 Pennsylvania

GERMAIN NKOUE 117 W ROCHESTER RD APT 10, OTTUMWA, IOWA 52501 | C: 4697406899 | [email protected] 24, 2018Tony GraciaOttumwa Regional Hospital Center1001 Pennsylvania AvenueOttumwa, Iowa 52501Dear Tony Gracia,I’m interested in the RN-Med Surg position of Ottumwa Regional Hospital Center advertised on your website.My relevant qualifications include my Associate Applied Science in Nursing. Also of note is my recent position as a Registered Nurse for Ridgewood Specialty Care. In this role, I was responsible for taking doctors’ orders, assigning and delegating tasks and administering medications.

And during my tenure, I was named the employee of the month twice.-1654175307295With my skill set and proven track record. I can be a valuable addition to Ottumwa Regional Hospital Center.

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