Geolocation the user of the device, are

Geolocation uses mobile devices built in GPS to accurately show where the device, and the user of the device, are located. This data is accessed through apps that the user grants permission to use their location data. Although many people will disable this feature in some of their apps, there are a few apps on which users are very likely to leave geolocation tracking active. These include web browsers, weather apps, and other location-reliant apps that they find genuinely useful.

Geolocation data can range from relatively broad to pretty specific. With modern mobile GPS technology, a cell phone user can now be accurately tracked to a general location down to within a few feet of their actual location.
The use of geolocation tracking has many different functions. It can be used for presenting ads, relevant content, promotions, or coupons. The best thing about using geolocation data for mobile marketing is that it creates more tailored and relevant marketing for potential customers. Geolocation tracking can work in a few different ways on mobile devices. The most common usage is location-based ad triggers for apps.Search results based on locationTarget Customers When They Are Near A Business/Promotion

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