Genetically DNA from one plant into another breed without

modified foods, are plants used in agriculture, which is farming. The DNA of
which has been modified using genetic engineering methods, in other words
growing crops with chemical traits. The GM is produced, to improve crop
protection resistance against insects. Nowadays, farmers are using the GM so
the crops can grow faster and maybe some crops could be healthier by the
farmers adding chemicals. The chemicals are solving lots of plants problems,
without them crops would die fast and grow slowly. Sometimes the crops would
not have enough hydrated things so they could be rotten, and not good for a
person to eat; so adding the chemicals make them good and healthy for us to


The advantages
of GMO (genetically modified foods) are, a technology that has been going for many years, so people have been working with crops and food for many years.using classical
and chemical change methods. These crops are different from the
traditional methods of plant breeding, because it transfers genes from one
species to another, crossing biological barriers. They are mostly believed to
be safe; there are actually no inherent differences between food
items produced from natural crops and those from genetically modified food.
This technology simply works by moving a piece of DNA from one plant into
another breed without introducing a foreign substance. This can help reduce world
hunger.   Farmers are able to produce the
crops fast with the chemicals as I said in paragraph one. The disadvantages
are, they contribute to the increased amount of allergic reactions, many
studies says that genetically modified foods have increased people’s risk of
acquiring allergies with symptoms such as headaches and nausea. GM foods change
the way nature works so they may harm the insects, which are not their target,
or they may use a large amount of chemical so it may harm the plant.

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I am against using genetically modifies food because it
is really harmful and people may become sick. There are various diseases, which
are inherent to genitivally modified foods. These diseases are detrimental to the
health and lives of humans. These diseases are reproductive disorder, organ
damage, cholesterol disorders. Reproductive disorder is a collection of both
internal and external organs, in male and female that work together for a
purpose for protecting, the male reproductive system consists. Organ damage
usually refers to damage occurring in major organs fed by circularity system
heart kidney etc. Cholesterol disorders, Cholesterol is essential for life, and
is found in the body cells; two cholesterol disorders are hyperlipidemia, and
Hypolipidemia. Hyperlipidemia means you have an unusually high level of fat
(lipids) in your blood. Hyperlipidemia means you have an unusually low level of
fat in your blood. These diseases are all increasing high rate of people
dyeing, because from genetically modified foods, so think about it would you
kill humans by only growing crops using genetically modified food?


Genetically modified food also affects our society
socially, but how? When people have disease as I mentioned before, they cannot
be healthy and contact with each other very good, the society could not be safe
it would be in danger and all people will be scared of having the disease only
because genetically modified foods; people from other countries will not come
to your country because of the disease so genetically modified food is
affecting our social society very dangerously. Lets see how does it affect the
society economically, if people knew that GMO food are causing diseases they
will not buy from your company anymore and you may go through loss of money,
and the country would be poor and you will not be able to distribute or grow
crops anymore. Consumers worry that by placing a document on a knew kind of GM food,
the price of the product may be less and you will not be able to afford these
GM varieties of crops. If a company sell a GM product, and for example a
costumer got sick and died then complained to the government about it your
company may close and you will handle whatever happens to you, and pay all the
money the government will tell you to give.


In the end genetically modified food is affecting all
people in the society in lots of ways, so if you are a farmer iam telling you
it is better to not grow genetically modified food because it is really
dangerous. I will tell you other diseases that are caused from genetically
modified food, cancer, and diabetes and more. If you want to sell crops it is
better to sell crops that are not genetically modified food so you can earn
lots of money and wouldn’t go through hard things in life. However its your
decision whatever you think it right just do it, but before its better to
research and ask more so you don’t regret.


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