Gender 533, n.d.). As it relates to

Gender Inequality in the STEM workplaceLora (Lori) ArcosBRIEF THESIS STATEMENT:  Within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) organizations, gender inequality is prevalent as these fields are predominately male. Although moral and ethical principles exist as it relates to gender equality, organizations have a deontological responsibility to pay attention to the societal and cultural shift of women in the workplace in order to prudently minimize the gaps in hiring practices and leadership roles. COURSE CONCEPT 1: “Deontological ethics encompasses moral systems where people are being ethical if they are following a moral code” (PSY 533, n.d.). There needs to be a climate shift as it relates to hiring and promotion practices of females within the organization. COURSE CONCEPT 2:  Biodata are determined by one’s genetics (PSY 533, n.d.

). As it relates to gender, organizational leaders have an ethical responsibility to monitor the attitudinal climate within the workplace. With the proliferation of affirmative action initiatives and diversity programs, organizations need to continually adapt and evolve in order to create cultures that provide both women and men access to equal opportunities. ReferencesPSY 533, (n.d.). L03 Normative Ethics.

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