Gang wrote the book Gang Leader for

Gang Leader for a Day Sadhir Venkatesh wrote the book Gang Leader for a Day to express his ideas about the complexity of the character of J.T. who is a charismatic young gang leader and the complexity of the family and the community where he was raised up. The book is bound on moral ambiguity both in terms of Venkatesh’s immersions and behavior of the characters. J.

T. is a kind of character who is very thoughtful and intelligent, but the behavior associated with him makes him to have a complex character. Despite his intelligence and reasoning capability, he creates gut-wrenching violence and pushes drugs.

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The Complexities of the J.T.’s Character In the book Gang Leader for a Day, James Tiberius “J.T” Yorker is displayed as a very complicated character due to his deeds. His character of complexity persists when we look at his personality. In the society, J.

T. is said to be very intelligent and logical but on contrast, he is also involved in other behaviors which make his character complicated. This 16-aged young boy uses his days finally with users, drug dealers, families struggling to survive, squatters and community leaders. Moreover, J.T.

character becomes a matter of complexity when Venkatesh says the young boy, despite being associated with worst group in the society, is also working very hard like a hustler to achieve his daily bread. That means J.T. is hardworking but it becomes a complication when the author associates him with the gangs in the community. It is very complicated when various characters, for instance, J.T. say they make their life through hustling and the community knows them as gangs.

J.T. has complexities of his character because he is associated with leadership as well as other characters of stealing within the society.

Therefore, the complexities of the J.T. character are displayed when he participates in both immoral and moral activities in the society. The Complexities of the family and the community The family and the community are very complicated about the character of the J.T. In addition, the complexity can be witnessed in cases of a functioning community and gangs in state social order. In the books and the films, gangs are always bases of terror to their neighborhoods. Complication here in the family and community arises when the gang protects the tenants and upholds the order.

This is complication because in normal circumstances gangs are not expected to offer any protection to people. According to the author, Venkatesh saw gangs playing a very complicated role by escorting the elderly and planning for parties and sports tournament for the community. The most surprising of all is whereby the gangs are keeping kids in the school despite terrorizing them. Therefore, there are complexities in the family and the community for the activities done by the gangs unexpectedly.

In conclusion, this book is story about young sociologist who schooled at crack-dealing gang and captured the world attention by acting the opposite of the expectation thus it become complexities in family and the community. The Character of the J.T. remained a complexity in the society because his actions were actually the opposite of what people expected. For instance, he is said to be rational and intelligent, yet he associates himself with bad behaviors in the society.

Finally, the book addresses the alliance between JT-two young and Sudhir and the other ambitious men which a part of universe.


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