Galphimia Jaime, 2014). In addition, it is also

Galphimia glauca
is a small perennial shrub which
can grow to 0.5 – 1.0 m tall. It is commonly known as Shower of Gold, Rain of
Gold or the Golden Thryallis.  (Flora
Fauna Web – Plant Detail – Galphimia glauca, 2013) It bears small yellow
colored flowers and oval shaped green fruits. It is native to the tropical
areas in Mexico to Guatemala in Central America. This plant is said to be low
maintenance as it does not require much water. (Flora Fauna Web – Plant Detail – Galphimia glauca, 2013)

This plant is said to have anxiolytic and
anti-inflammatory properties. In Latin America, the ethyl acetate extract of G.glauca is used by traditional medicine
practitioners in treating asthma and allergies (Galphimia glauca – Natural
Living Center, 2011) (MG Compos, et al., 2001, 74, 7-15, cited in Srisailam
Keshetti, et al., 2016) while in Mexico, it is used as a sedative in treating
mental disorders (Argueta, 1994 – cited in Gutiérrez, Chilpa and Jaime, 2014).
In addition, it is also used for the treatment of nervous excitement
(Tortoriello and Lozoya, 1992 – cited in Gutiérrez, Chilpa and Jaime, 2014).
Besides that, it is often incorporated into medicinal products to use to relief
allergies and allergic rhinitis. It is capable of reducing symptoms like nasal
congestion, itchy and watery eyes and runny nose. (Galphimia glauca – Natural
Living Center, 2011)

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In a work by Srisailam Keshetti, et al. in 2016, it
is revealed that the stem methanol extract of the plant has high potential in
terms of antinociceptive and also anti-inflammatory properties. (Srisailam
Keshetti, et al., 2016) Traditionally, the yellow leaves of the plant will be
used to make tea and drunk to relieve coronary pain as well as for nerves
soothing. In some cases, it is believed that the plant can bring down fever and
help women in labor. (Srisailam Keshetti, et al., 2016) With an active
ingredient galphimine-B which contributed to part of the anxioloytic activity of
the plant, it is concluded by Herrera-Arellano, et al. in 2012 that this herbal
plant is capable of showing greater anxiolytic effectiveness compared to that
obtained with an anxiety disorder medicine, lorazepam, with high percentages of
therapeutic tolerability and safety. (Herrera-Arellano A, et al., 2012)

G.glauca related products are now available in the market in
the form of tablets, pellets and nasal spray. The pellets and tablets form
products are used to treat allergies like hay fever while the nasal spray which
is made from G.glauca mixed with
various plant extract is used for allergic rhinitis treatment to relieve
respiratory tract.

This plant
originally could be found in TARUC near Block D.


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