Furthermore, the era of immediate access from everywhere.

Furthermore, Microsoft faced the main issue in the era of immediate access from everywhere.

The issue is Microsoft have not clearly information to guide visitor access the accurate location on Windows. For example, anyone who pre-order the game for Xbox One can use Play Anywhere to downloads games for free. Hence, the complicated way of Windows make visitor confused about the flow. John Brandon complaint that people can search by using Xbox app to downloads but that doesn’t work because in reality people should access to Window store app and log in with Xbox account click a tiny avatar icon for Windows. In other words, more like the one for Apple and Google (Brandon, 2016).

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In contrast, the opportunity of the Microsoft which is corporate diversification can help Microsoft to reduce the risk. However, diversification limits the extension from a single company and also help to maximize the risk to the portfolio investor in return. Microsoft was moving beyond the personal computer software business and expand its product line into enterprise software, consumer products and services market.


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