From ideas and sharing their best practices. It

From the observation made it was notable that a faculty room can be a factor to strengthen the relationship among the teachers. Since the school provides a common space for the teachers they have more time to bond, exchange ideas and sharing their best practices. It was also evident that some teachers would sell some products to their fellow teachers or would do business with them. The teachers treat each other with respect and appreciation to the work of each one. From the interview made, one teacher emphasize the need to count on each other especially during school activities. Proficient teachers would often coach the beginning teachers through the work that they do and the outputs that they made that serve as an example to follow for the new teachers.

The teachers also treat each other as friends and support each other like a family. They celebrate each other’s success and would comfort each other in times of problems. Petty fights also happened sometimes but according to one teacher they resolve it no time because they respect and understand each other’s opinions and ideas in certain things. They also hold regular meetings per department to discuss school related matters.

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