From aggressor doing it for individual increase,

From the course Physical security that I have taken in this semester had an influential impact on my knowledge which help me in attaining a good professional exposure. Physical security is vital, yet it is typically ignored by generally associations. It is important in the event that you don’t need anybody to grab away your data or pulverize it, if there should arise an occurrence of regular cataclysm. The reason could be anything, the aggressor doing it for individual increase, monetary benefit, for looking for requital or you were the powerless target accessible. In the event that this security isn’t kept up legitimately, all the wellbeing measures will be pointless once the assailant gets past by increasing physical access. In spite of the fact that physical security is turned out to be trying than earlier decades as there are more touchy gadgets accessible (like USB drives, workstations, cell phones, tablets, and so on.) that empowers the taking of information simple and smooth.
Not forgetting the topics like Defensible space and Crime prevention Through environmental are much more interesting especially the strategies in that like Natural Access Control, Natural Surveillance, Territorial reinforcement. These topics which are very robust at market demand and have a potential of new learnings attracted my interest of learning and to search for new points where I can apply these basic and fundamental learnings to find something innovating that can help market to overcome present technical challenges.
I would especially want to mention the way the course is designed with all the tasks and quizzes, this made me concentrate and update myself with the key points that needs to be taken from the course


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