From different cultures that affect his life and

From reading this book I conclude that Antonio decided to not make a decision, instead he decided to embrace all the different cultures that affect his life and also make his own path, .

In the beginning of the book, you learn that his mother and father both have different ideas for what Antonio should become or do in in the future. Most of us could relate to his struggles of deciding what to become. Not wanting to hurt either parent feeling by disagreeing with the path they have wished you would take. Along the novel he also has many clashes of cultures like in his school between english and spanish.

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,I can relate to this situation as well as many of my fellow classmates.When I get to school I have the ability to speak both english and spanish. Whether I speak only english or spanish is up to me and only me. This decision will affect my future possibilities of careers freinds and any other language related activity..Another example of a lifelong learn experience would be when he saw the mystical healing powers of ultima. Not knowing whether this was from a good higher power or from a deep evil power that some people suggested she was doing. On the other hand many people were very grateful for healing them when the needed to be held .

This book had many portals of good and evil. Many young people have to deal with these situations on a daily basis while others don’t even think of some of these situations. Most religions are similar on the fact that they tend to make you live your life in a good way.

But there are many ways that you could live your life good. In the eyes of some you could be doing something bad but in reality you’re doing something good. It all come down to prospective of each individual. In our lifetime we will come across many situations.

Where the choice that you take will only be on you, with no influence of opinion from others. This book shows that some decisions are not worth taking on the fly, but rather thought thoroughly because some decisions may affect your life in more dramatic ways than others. For example choosing whether to wear shoes or boots being a simple decision. That will only affect your current situation and have no long term advantages or disadvantages. The other being which friend to be around which would affect your present situation and could affect who you become as a person with the good and bad traits that your friend rub on you.Sometimes there is such thing of being over protected.

When a parent believes they are doing the correct thing by nurturing their son or daughter. When somebody that has been confined from how the world really is. Is confronted with the way things really are it is like hitting a brick wall. Parents should allow for their children to make mistakes.

But always in reach of their child’s cry for help or guidance. Letting them get their feet wet before trying something new. While never discouraging if they want to leap head first either.

Although Antonio did not make a decision does not mean he was opposing his father or mothers wishes. This means he was much more capable of creating his own identity. While using the traits needed to perform the same paths that his parents would have wanted him to take. For example on his mother’s side she wanted him to be a priest.

I believe his mother would have approved if he wanted to become a teacher. Capable of teaching young children being liked by the community. Many people ideas of teachers are on the good side or in Antonio’s mom’s mind non sinning side. On there other hand his father wanted him to be a vaquero.

Someone that could project his family’s name with dignity and fend the families heritage. Antonio would be able to fulfill his father’s dream by becoming a sheriff. Where he would have the responsibility of watching over his people and having the similarities of being a vaquero. It wouldn’t surprise me if he would have grown the courage and spirit to become something that neither parent ever imagine. Like a world explorer.

Where he could share his experiences with both of his parents. So after reading the book and seeing what Antonio has experienced, I agree with his choice to choose his own path instead of letting other people decide for him. Like I have stated before, most of us don’t wanna hurt our parents feelings by disagreeing with them on what we should do with our lives. But I agree with Ultima that everyone should have the right to make their own decision on what path they will take.


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