From it seems more efficient. Synthetically speaking, from my

From the chart, we can
acknowledge that when it comes to the operation of insertion, the speeds of
Cuckoo and QuadraticProbing seem the same, but the algorithm of
SeparateChaining seems faster than that. 
When it comes to the operation of searching and deletion, the speeds of
QuadraticProbing and SeparateChaining seem the same with each other; however,
Cuckoo seems faster than two of them since the complexity of that is O(logN) 1
so that it seems more efficient. Synthetically speaking, from my perspective,
the performance of Cuckoo would be better since the time of searching and
deletion of that is the least of all three searching algorithms, so that it
would save plenty of time in searching a large amount of data in real
experiment so that the efficiency of searching would promote a lot. However,
the performance of SeparateChaing is also OK when dealing with some medium
problems. Furthermore, I tend to suppose the QuadraticProbing would be the last
choice in reality, but it could be regarded as a good reference to help people
to understand the basic concept of hash table.


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