From that there are recognized ‘stages’ in

From birth to adulthood, human goes through stages of acquiring new skills, and the most critical skills they acquire, and needs are languages so that he can communicate with others and express his desires and feelings. Although the learning abilities differ among people, the stages they are going through are similar, so the topic is generally about how the child initial acquires English as a first language and there are four essential questions for this assignment, I wrote and searched a lot for this task because I want to know how The child acquires the first language and the ways and stages of it passes with the inclusion of my opinion and my personal thoughts.Now I will set about the four questions that include in my research. Firstly, is language learnt or acquired.

Secondly, do infants pick up language as ‘chunks’ or with a system highly organized. Thirdly if researchers agree that there are recognized ‘stages’ in the first language acquisition. last but not least, write my own opinion, which plays a greater part: ‘nature’, or ‘nurture’. In addition to evidence and theories.

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